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    Change plan help?

      Well last night I realized I went over my minutes 700 Nationwide FS Lines are minutes are now 821/700, so I called a Verizon agent and she said I could change my minutes making it to be 20.00 charge in stead of the 55.00 overage charge and that I could use them right away,well I just talked to an agent online and she said the 1400 mins that I want will be added on my next bill cycle and that I have to pay the over charge fee, I want all my lines on the 1400 plan that will be another 10.00 because line three and then the 82.00 for the 1400 minutes, I don't want to pay the 50.00 I rather just do the minutes but I rather have them now,oh the lady I talked to on the phone also added that I can change my plan to 1400 for this bill and then switch back over to 700 on my next bill the days left on my bill now are 25/31 and I am just confused on what to do.
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          If the bill has been generated, it will be harder to do. If the bill has not been generated, go online change the minute plan to the next level. Then choose the change to be BACKDATED. Then change it back after the bill is generated.

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            With the new options, I think it automatically backdates the change if you are increasing minutes to cover an overage - that's the way it appeared to me when I was testing it.

            Log in (as the primary) to your MyVerizon account, and click on the Account tab. On the Overview page is a blue text link that says "Change Minutes" - that will walk you through increasing the minutes to cover your overage and it will also tell you how much it will cost.
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              Thanks to the community members for your suggestions. Adding to what was stated, if your billing cycle has not closed, you want to make sure you change the calling plan by backdating it to the beginning of your current bill cycle. This way you have the full 1400 minutes allowance for your current calling period before the bill cycle closes. Additionally, your next bill will show the calling plan change with the you paying the difference between the 700 minute plan to the 1400 minute plan. The changing of the calling plan can help avoid overage charges as long as you did not exceed the 1400 plan selected based off your current usage. Bear in mind, the 1400 minute plan gives you free 10 Friends & Family numbers giving you added value. I would suggest staying on the better of the two plans depending on your usage of your phones.