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    Two Replacement Duds or Fried Battery?


      Last week I was having conenction issues with my phone (would not connect to 3G, would not send txts). The problem went away eventually but I went ahead and got it replaced under warranty because the phone was still being difficult even after a hard reset.


      When I got the new phone the next day, I set it up and it was working fine. I charged it and used it without issues all of the next day. I forgot to plug it in that night though and the battery died and it shut off.


      The next day I tried to charge it and get it to turn on, but it would not no matter what I did, even after letting it charge for several hours.


      I took it to a verizon representative the next day and they could not figure it out so they ordered me another replacement phone, which I just got.


      Now I am having the same problem. The phone will not power on. The light on the side indicates that the phone is charging, as it did with the last one, but it will not turn on at all.


      So what do you think? Maybe there was a bad power converter or something in the first replacement phone that fried my battery. Any suggestions appreciated.


      I have only had a phone for like 2 days out of the past week and I am becoming EXTREMELY frustrated. Also the fact that no Verizon retailers do warranty replacements in store is very inconvenient......

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          Have you tried going to a VERIZON company store and not a retailer?

          Maybe like you said, the charger is bad. Have the store plug it in to a test unit, or replace it.

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            Android phones shut off when the battery gets to a certain percentage to prevent over-draining the battery. If, for some reason the "switch" didn't work properly then, yes, you could have done something to the battery. I would suggest going into the store and asking if they have a battery you could try to see if that is the problem. Usually, Verizon won't do warranty replacements on batteries (I think) so, if that is the problem, you may have to purchase a new one yourself. But, if the phone does not turn on with a different battery, you probably got a defective one.
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              Thanks for the information everyone. Listed below is some information regarding use of your battery and issues that could affect your battery. Defective Batteries are covered under the manufacturers one-year warranty like your device. The one-year manufactures warranty does not cover water or physically damaged equipment. You would need to speak with a representative on the phone to evaluate your battery issues. 


              Issues that could affect a battery's charge

              • Signal strength and coverage.
                • Switching between signal and towers
                • Roaming
              • Battery age.
              • Lack of use.
              • Non-voice services usage.
                • V CAST Video
                • Mobile TV
                • V CAST Music with Rhapsody
                • VZ Navigator
                • Push To Talk
                • Mobile Web
                • Media Center (Get It Now)
                • Messaging (TXT / PIX / FLIX / Mobile IM / Email)
                • Bluetooth
                • Speakerphone
                • applications running in the background 


              Tips for better battery life

              • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for properly charging the device.
              • Do not store the device in direct sunlight or hot locations.
              • Do not rely on the device's vehicle power adapter as the battery charger for the device.
                The vehicle power adapter is meant to be a temporary low battery level solution until the device can be properly charged.


              Using the proper battery charger

              Using a battery charger other than the one specified by the device manufacture may result in the error, as well as possibly causing damage to the device. 






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                  Good tips, however I am having the same issues. I was told by Verizon Representatives that if I am too close to towers (where I live) then that will cause the same problems. I am on my third Droid 2 Replacement phone and I still can not recieve calls, my calls are dropped, the phone gets too hot, and I can not get 3G or a proper signal. I know this is not my battery, I am certain its the phone and I am on the verge of going to the I Phone ...I love this phone, but it is a problem child, please help!

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                    I thought only AT&T had that problem, Could true. I've heard of people changing carriers and that solved the problem.

                    Now that you say Verizon has that problem?

                    Mmm I wonder if it has to do with the CDMA  technology.


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                      Correction to my last post...


                      I meant to say " I wonder if the problem lies with the GSM Technology."

                       On the AT&T board, users reported turning off the G3 to solve their problem.

                      Don't know if that's the same remedy for the Verizon phones.

                      I wouldn't know how to disable the GSM on the droid2g anyway.

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                        Thank you everyone for the information provided. We would be delighted to further troubleshoot the issue that you are experiencing, please send us a private message with your mobile number and we can further assist you with the battery issue. 


                        Thank you, 

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