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    bad reception

      I have a droid x and live at zip 23024. I can watch the signal go from 3g 4 bars too no service without moving the telephone. What is the reason for this? What are my options?
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          There was a service outage reported in and near Sisterville, W V on April 9, 2011. This issue affected signal strength and call quality. Currently this issue has been reported as resolved and service restored. I recommend power cycling your device and also performing a PRL (network) update to your Droid X. I recommend performing this update at least once a month. I have listed the steps below to update your PRL (network).


          To update the PRL:

          1. Power on the phone within the Verizon Wireless coverage area. 
          2. Dial *228 then press SEND (this call is airtime free and may take up to 2 minutes).
          3. When prompted, press 2 for the option to update the PRL.
          4. Once completed, a confirmation message will appear to informing that the phone has been re-programmed with the new PRL.
          5. Press End to terminate the call.
          6. Power cycle the phone to complete the update.


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            i live in bumpass as well and 3G service tends to be  on and off around here


            if your not moving around alot maybe a magnetic antenna would be a good idea? 


            worth a try...

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              I have a problem paying for a service that I am not receiving.
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                yea i can understand that i feel the same way i use  3G via a modem for my pc and i'll have 4 bars all day then all a sudden  i'll have none like you as well even with my antenna but even with **** signal my speeds have been very good at least my download speed....  has been 1.5mb/s - 1.7mb/s past few days .


                i'm not falmiliar with 3G phones tho : /

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                  Maybe we should only pay for the days that we have a signal. That would cut our phone bill in half.
                  Verizon should at least own up to the fact that we do not get a signal and change their coverage map.
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                    For the past couple weeks i have been getting really bad reception everywhere i go. i used to have fairly good reception in my house and now for some reason the most i get is 1 bar and half the time its searching for service. I just need to know if its verizon or my phone