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    Need Help to Uninstall VCast Media manager


      How do I uninstall Vcast Manager from my IBM Thinkpad laptop? There is no "Uninstall  Vcast Manager" program listed in my Start menu or applications folder.  I tried to "delete" or "remove" the program, but The Vcast Media Manager does not show up in my "add/remove  programs" applications list.. I know Vcast iMedia is still installed on computer because it is listed in my Start menu, and opens every time I connect my droid incredible to sync.   I loaded it, before I realize that I don't need it to sync my droid or manage my media..  It is clunking up my system and I desperately want to unistall it, but can't figure out how.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          Bump - same question for an HP running Win7. I can't find it in Startup, the control panel uninstaller doesn't list it, and there seem to be no other ways to get to it. But it still shows up every time I boot up. I thought I was installing the VZW Manager for tethering when I installed it. Silly me...
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            I have the same issue with windows 7 and v cast manager.  It doesn't appear in the add or remove.  There is also no uninstall that I can find.  It shows up in my system tray at startup but I cannot even locate it in the startup in msconfig.


            I called Verizon twice and was told I would get a call back.  After not hearing from them I called and they finally told me it is a windows problem.  They didn't explain why they didn't simply call me back and tell me. 


            Of course windows says it Verizon's problem:


            If you don't see the program listed and you want to uninstall the program, check the information that came with your program, or go to the manufacturer's website.


            I would agree its a Verizon problem and would like to get it uninstalled.  Apple is telling me to remove to troubleshoot a problem with my Verizon I phone.