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    No Service on Iphone


      My Verizon iphone switches over to NO SERVICE all day long.  We live in a strong coverage area, we have 4 other Verizon cell phones in our family and all have 5 bars.  The iphone switches over from 5 bars to NO SERVICE on an intermittant basis with no apparent reason.  This is my second post on this issue.  Is anyone else having the same problem?  How can it be fixed?  Verizon has already replaced the phone twice and now the third does the same thing.  Is the Verizon network or computers overwhelmed so at times the phone basically get shut down?  Help.  Thank you. 

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          I have never had less then 3 bars on my iphone, but most of the time I have 4-5 bars.

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            I just replied in another post. But yes i have the same issue. I talked to apple and they had no idea what to do besides reset the network settings. Which will work for a little while then the iphone will switch to search/no service when my other verizon phone will have 5 bars. I'll take a picture next time it happens.

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              I replied with some tips on a couple things to try in the other post about this, check it out and see if it works for you.

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                Thank you all for your replies. Alexandercell, if you are still having this issue, please PM us your account information and contact number for further assistance. 


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                  I was having all the same problems with my Iphone, and I also tried replacing the phone.  I seemed to only have problems with my service at home.  I am trying a new solution, and so far it has worked.  If you turn off your wi-fi connection on your Iphone, then it seems to solve the problem.  You can always turn the wi-fi connection back on if needed to run a particular app.  I have not had a loss of service since turning off the wi-fi.  

                  I am also going to try deleting any apps that use a wi-fi connection to run, and then try turning my wi-fi back on.  I think the problem is a disruption in the signal when the wi-fi is being used.  Hope this can help someone else.

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                    I was having this issue and I stumbled onto something. I had a replacement phone on the way and I was messing with the current one one night and I restored the phone through iTunes. After the restore is done a window pop up letting you know there is a new carrier update. I chose cancel and every-time it prompts me to install the new carrier update I don't. Since than I have had zero issues with the no service issue. The replacement phone showed up and was damaged in the mail. SO I just kept my current one and I have went about 3 weeks without an issue. My wife's phone started having the problem also. Restored, did not install carrier update and no issues on hers either. So something is wrong with the carrier update.

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                      Hi everyone. I have resolved this problem. Unfortunately there isn't much u can do. Verizon cannot do anything to fix this.. Read my post on the other thread labeled no service problem not fixed like Verizon thinks. I can not paste the link on my phone.