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    Restore on Iphone 4?


      Hey everyone, I just got the Iphone 4 and it's been acting a little sluggish and minor things like tat. If I did a restore on the phone, would the restore erase my pictures and everything? Also, would it fix the minor issues I am experiencing with the phone? Any help would be great on how to fix this stuff, thanks!

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          I believe syncing takes care of this. You would simply sync with iTunes before and after a restore.


          I've never done a restore though, so maybe someone else will pipe in.

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            Thanks for the tip, I will try this but would wait for someone else's opinion first because I don't want to lose my pictures, the only down fall about the Iphone is that you have to save everything on the the memory on the phone since their's no sim card which sucks!

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              Also, one more question. Is syncing and restoring the Iphone the same as getting a brand new Iphone to fix the problems? All the issues I am having is all minor, nothing major yet but with the restore, its should restore it like its a brand new phone like it came out of the box, correct?

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                Yes, if you restore you will lose your pictures...but these things can be synced back to the device assuming you have backed up your iPhone and have saved things. Look at this link to get infor on backing up and restoring your iPhone. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1414


                Since you aren't saying what exactly your issues are it's hard to say if a restore will fix things. Your issue could be tied to something you have synced to your iPhone (an App with an issue for example...this is only an example). Restore it will set it back to factory conditions (excluding any iOS update you did...it will not restore it back to the original iOS). Speaking of which...is your iOS the latest version available for our iPhone? If it is not then that may be part of your problem.

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                  The problems I am experiencing are sluggish when turned on and using the phone, slow speeds, a couple of glitches like when I turn off the phone, before it shuts down, something from the phone pops up then shuts down. The email on it sometimes closes after I try to delete the email and stupid things like that. I am running the latest software version that came with the phone which is 4.2.6 I believe. If I back up my phone which is including my pictures, after restore, my pictures should be there, correct?

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                    Did you look at the link I provided (and the links within it that give very clear details)? If the pictures you are referring to are the ones that you took on the iPhone (in the Camera Roll album) then yes. Otherwise, the pictures you have on your iPhone were synced from a computer...which as long as there is a backup available it will sync the album(s) back to the iPhone. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766


                    Not sure what you mean by "sluggish" when using the phone...is it specific actions? Is it everything that you use? Was it at any point not sluggish? If at one point it wasn't sluggish and now it is I would suspect something on your device is causing it. Likely an App. Which one would be the question. Are you using the iPhone email app or are you using an email app you downloaded to the phone? As far as something popping up when shutting down...what is that something? Is it the red slider?

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                      The sluggish is meaning it's kinda slow when I am going through the different pages, not the internet. I went to the link and saw it, was very useful. I am restoring it now just hope I don't lose my photos that I took with my phone itself. I am using the email that came with the phone, didn't download any other ones and when I try to lete something, it closes down and has to open up again. Like I said, it's minor things. Whn I shut down my phone, the thing that pops up before it shuts down would maybe be the ipod and something else, forgot what it was. I know the Iphone is like a computer and it would be sluggish at times but I am not used to this phone yet, lol.

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                        Just be sure to restore from the backup or you may lose things. If you choose to set up as a new device iTunes will create a new backup file and essentially delete the other one...it is explained in the last link I provided...good luck with everything. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

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                          Thank you so much! Hopefully I dont lose everything after this but also I hope it fixes the minor problems!

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