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    Calls going to Voicemail


      Does anyone else ever have phone calls go right to voicemail?


      The past couple of weeks, there have been people who've called me and it's gone right to voicemail. It doesn't happen all the time, for example, if I dial my cell phone number, I hear it ring. It also only seems to happen at certain times. My Dad tried to call me once around 7 in the morning (he's two hours ahead of me), but then he tried to call me later in the evening and he had the same problem.


      I've also been getting delays on receiving text messages, sometimes up to an hour later than when they were sent. For example, only today I didn't get a text from my boyfriend until an hour after he sent it.


      I've never forwarded any calls to voicemail and I can't find a way to turn off why it might be doing that at certain times during the day. And I'm not sure why the phone is acting this way.


      Can anyone help or explain.

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          I know exactly what you are saying and have had all the same problems you bring up. Been getting really discoureged with my service lately. For me it started at the time of the lte launch. And I also have friends that have different devices than myself on verizon that report the same issue.



          good day.

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            Dial *73 from your phone, press send.  You will hear confirmation beeps.  This disables call forwarding.



            Dial *228 press send and choose option #2, this updates your phones roaming list.  Wait for the music to finish otherwise it won't go through.


            Remove and reinsert the battery on your device, this will clear any conflicts it was having prior to you removing the battery.



            do those 3, in that order.  Let us know if it fixed your issue.

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              We are sorry to learn about the problems encountered. I wanted to provide you with some basic troubleshooting steps that may resolve some of the issues you have described. 


              1. Remove the battery from your phone 10-15 seconds

              2. Power the device back on


              These steps are similar to completing a "Shutdown" on you PC and often resolves concerns like you have described. 




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                Yeah had been doing all that. Previously. But since the froyo ota the issues have gotten even worse. Data will just drop out requiring reboot or airplane mode toggle. If device has been asleep in my house and i wake up device to see if I missed anything I get voice mail notification with no missed call and voice mail timestamp will have been from 45mins previous to getting notified. And same goes for gmail I'll get notified on computer of new email and just wait for device to notify me but it doesn't until I wake it up. Heading into the store. :smileysad:



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