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    LG Ally not receiving Texts


      My LG Ally has recently not been receiving text messages.  When I turn it off and then back on I get about 10 messages from through out the day.  Anyone else having this issue.  Ready to just dump money into a new phone after only having this phone since Nov.  Way too many problems SD card always saying it is removed or full (when checked plenty of space left); just turns itself off; new update made very slow (got rid of most of my apps).

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          My LG Ally started not receiving text messages today around 3:13 P.M. & it is 6:47 P.M. currently. I have still not received any text messages & I have restarted my phone since I noticed it was doing that. My LG Ally actually restarted itself randomly around 4 PM after letting me knw that my sd card was removed, even though it hadn't been removed. & my phone also tells me the memory was full even though it wasn't! Have you found a soultion to any of these problems? If so please let me knw, because I was considering going up to the verizon store & confronting them about it.
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            This is actually a known problem tied to the 2.2 update on the Ally.


            From what I've been able to gather on this forum, customer support is aware of the problem and are working on a fix.


            Everything VZW store clerks tell you to do (hard resets, soft resets, *228 option 1 or 2, etc) just seem to be stop gap measures and not actual fixes.  Sometimes the remedies work for a couple days, or not at all.


            Hopefully they get a fix for your Ally soon.  Good luck!

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              My wife's LG Ally is doing this same thing. Has Android OS 2.2. Not many apps installed. In fact have removed almost all of the user installable apps. 

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                Thank you all for your suggestions. I appreciate the time you take to help out in the forums.




                I understand the importance of being able to receive your text messages. I'm always on my phone and rely on my text messages since I'm really unable to talk on the phone during the day. But no worries cause I'm here to help.


                Is your wife still unable to receive text messages? Where are you located? Has she been able to receive text messages on the past? Is she unable to receive all text messages or only ones from certain people?


                Have your wife perform a soft reset on the device. If this doesn't help I suggest you take the phone into a Verizon Wireless and have the SW flashed. Some users have found this helpful in resolving issues with text messaging.


                Please your wife is still unable to receive text messages after trying the suggestions above, please post back and I will be more than happy to further assist you.

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                  Thanks for the reply. This happened to her again just last night. Four people had sent her text messages that did not come through. I sent her a text from my VzW phone and it did not go through either but I was able to send a message from her phone to mine which is kind of odd. After this I powered of the Ally device and when I powered it back on the messages started coming through. This seems to happen to her about every two or three days and doing a power cycle always seems to cure the problem. I did find one setting in the message app concerning being able to text while roaming and it was not turned on so I did enable this feature even though we haven't been out of town when the problem occurs. I will let you know in a few days if that made any difference. Thanks again.