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    Activation fee

      Can anyone say what the policy will be for this? The FAQ says At launch, Verizon Wireless will offer prepaid month-to-month service options payable with credit or debit card. These options do not require an activation fee.

      The words at launch scares me. Will there be an activation fee 6 months down the road? I hadnt planned to have continuous 3G coverage so I might be stopping and started the service several times a year.
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          I believe it simply means you'll be able to activate your service with Verizon from the start, unlike in the past when you had to wait for Verizon to get the iPad, or in the past when you had to get the iPad/MiFi bundle. I wouldn't let it worry you. I believe it simply means "you can get a Verizon iPad from day one".

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            I just ordered my iPad 3G Verizon today from the Apple Store.  They even give you a personalized two lines on the back of the iPad if you want.  He said it will be three or four weeks and that's fine and there won't be any charges to my card until it actually ships to my house.  I'm not sure if I'll buy the data plan right off and wonder if there will be a hook up charge if later  decide to activate the data plan at the store since I didn't buy it there.


            Here is a bit of information that might be deleted not sure.


            I purchased a (GNS 5870 MFI) you can search it on Google, it's a GPS RECEIVER that has 10+ hours run time once charged.  The MFI stands for MADE FOR I pad/pod/phone.  It also works on Windows XP for sure and others I would imagine as a GPS receiver.  So if you didn't want the data plan but wanted a good GPS system on your iPad you could get this but then you would have to purchase the CoPilot or Navigon from iTunes as Google maps wouldn't work as they are downloaded via the data as you go.  So by the end of April I'll have it and download the maps from iTune at that time.

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              My # 7728280818, you put a $33.00 activate fee on my new tablet, I`m am O. K. with that "BUT" my service has been down for several week-ends due to up-grade your tower, I`m a little ticked-off all the charges come my way and you keep drawing all your fees." You know how many week-ends that were down". It took three trips, 40 miles each,  to Verizon store to find about the down of your towers. Please adjust and respond to   rsimpson088@gmail.com


              Thank you,

              Ray Simpson