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    Unlimited night and weekends with the $1.99 Plan?




      Can someone please answer my questions.

      Do you get unlimited night and weekend minutes with the $1.99 Daily plan?

      If you do, does it charge you the $1.99 to call at night and weekends?

      Or can you call at 9:00 P.M and its unlimited and doesn't cost anything if you have that plan?


      Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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          On the $1.99 unlimited plan you do not specifically get unlimited nights and weekends...ALL of your calls no matter what day or time are unlimited as long as they are US calls. The only time your calls are not unlimited is if you call international, 411 ($1.99/call) or if you are roaming at $.20/min. Every day you use the phone to make or receive calls you will be charged $1.99 and that daily fee is good until 11:59 pm.