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    Weird calls made from cell phone?


      Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.


      Today, I went online to pay my bill (due April 14th) and noticed an international long distance charge for $69.65 on one of the lines on my account.


      I did some digging and pulled up the bill with the charge on it, along with all the phone calls made from each phone on my account. On this particular line, there are some VERY weird phone calls. On 2/26/11, the are numerous calls that start at 1:05 am and continue - there is a different phone call made almost every minute. It also happens on 3/11/11 in the evening, 3/12 in the early morning, 3/12 in the evening, and one call made on 3/13 at noon. Here is what it looks like (deleted my location for privacy):


      3/11 9:30P 800-429-5483 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/11 9:31P 312-568-7744 Off-Peak N&W  Chicago IL 1 -- -- --
      3/11 9:32P 800-750-7792 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/11 9:33P 602-997-3599 Off-Peak N&W  No Phoenix AZ 1 -- -- --
      3/11 9:51P 800-409-9666 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/11 10:02P 800-376-8111 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 1:57A 800-429-5483 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 1:57A 800-409-9666 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 1:58A 800-750-7792 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 1:58A 800-777-8000 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 15 -- -- --
      3/12 2:21A 800-750-7792 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 2:22A 800-429-5483 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 2:23A 800-289-1489 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 2 -- -- --
      3/12 2:25A 402-341-4000 Off-Peak N&W  Omaha NE 52 -- -- --
      3/12 3:23A 800-576-7777 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 3:24A 800-396-8255 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 1 -- -- --
      3/12 3:27A 800-599-4386 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 2 -- -- --
      3/12 3:29A 800-210-1010 Off-Peak N&W  Toll-Free CL 19 -- -- --


      Luckily, we weren't charged for the ones above, here's the one we were charged for:

      2/26 4:21A 869-662-1717 Off-Peak N&W  Basseterre KN 35 -- 69.65 69.65


      It's just really freaking me out. This is MY phone BTW, and I haven't made ANY of these calls. I've called several of the toll-free ones, and they all come up as party/chat lines. I've never used a chat line in my life, I'm not big on talking on the phone - I'm a texter, not a talker. Not to mention the fact that when these calls were made I was either asleep or sitting next to my spouse. I'm she would have noticed if I were chatting on a party line!


      I called VZW and spoke with customer service. She basically told me that it was IMPOSSIBLE for there to be an error on their side. So I called tech support. He told me that he didn't know what was going on and told me to contact Fraud - their computers/system was down so he couldn't help a whole lot. So I'm going to call Fraud in a little while to see if they can help.


      The phone has never been missing or stolen. It's a Samsung Intensity II, so it's pretty low tech. I don't know what to do, we can't really afford to pay the $69.65 and obviously these calls have been happening for awhile - I'm afraid it's going to happen again. This phone has issues too - it constantly gets on to the mobile web and randomly opens things like the calculator.


      What should I do if Verizon can't help me?

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          Fraud is the answer that comes to mind. It is possible that there may have been some cloning involved, but the good news is that the 900 numbers do not work. It is, also, not impossible for errors to exist on VZW's side. That is an indication that the rep does not know how to resolve or that they do not want to do the work involved. Contact them immediately.

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            Thanks for the reply!


            I've called and spoke to a rep in the "Account Investigations". The woman told me that it's impossible for it to be a cloning issue - the reason she gave is that when a phone is cloned, the theif will run up your bill completely and call multiple different coutries. She said that it's still POSSIBLE to clone, even with the ESN numbers not the sim cards, but that it's rare and she claimed that because I only received a charge for $69.65 and only 80 minutes were used up total, that this isn't a cloning or fraud issue. She also said that the calls were valid because they were all made from my home area and incoming calls were received later that day. She also called the Canada number for me and it was a party/chat line as well.


            Okay, whatever. I asked her if there was ANY way these calls could have been made without my knowledge - someone hacking in to the phone, the phone making calls on it's own...anything. She shot me down and said that she couldn't explain them - her only explaination was that someone in my home area had possesstion of the phone at this time and made the phone calls.She said it was impossible for there to be an error on Verizon's part. I told her that I gave my old phone to a friend of mine (who is single and LOVES to call party lines) and asked her if somehow the calls made on my old phone could be accidentally charged on my bill - she said definitely not. She advised me to use the parental control tools on the VZW website to prevent these calls from occuring again - which will cost me $5 more per month. I am probably going to do the parental controls thing - but I still just want to know what's going on. I'm not trying to get out of paying my bill, I just don't think I should pay for something I didn't DO. And the fraud rep didn't seem too interested in investigating further - she hung up on me, even. I have been a loyal customer since 2007 - always paid my bill on time, never made any complaints unless it was something I couldn't deal with myself...and now when I need them to help me out and just investigate a little further, they're not interested. I used to love VZW, but now I don't know.


            What should I do? Just keep calling until someone helps me?


            It seems possible that my old phone is getting confused with my new phone - when my wife's parents got divorced, her father shut off her mom's and sister's lines - not permanently, just temporarily through his account on VZW's site (you know, where you can disconnect the phone if it gets stolen or lost). When she tried to reactivate the phone on a different account, VZW cs reps told her than she couldn't because the phone was still "owned" by the account holder - the father. Now, the contract hasn't been renewed and the phones have both been permanently disconnected because the father chose to not renew the contracts and disconnected the numbers. When we tried to activate the phones, CS reps still claimed that the phones were "owned" by the father and wouldn't let us activate them.


            Sorry for being long winded, I just want some help.

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              I dont know. There are alot of areas that the number needs to change internally. If they like party lines, I would think you would have more than just one showing up....


              Stop by your friends and ask to see the call log, whether on the phone or online,.

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                Oh, there's more than just one party line. I've called most of them - there's two different lines that goes to Burbank, NV (Nevada?) - when both of them pick up, they both say, "This number has been changed to xxx-xxx-xxx, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to get the same great chats you're used to!" There's one from Mahnomen, MN that says the same thing, one to San Diego called "Sexy Party Lines", one to Omaha, NE called "Red Hot Chat Lines" and then the one to Canada - didn't personally hear that one - the CS rep comfirmed that it was a chat line.


                I'm planning on asking my friend about this - omitting the charge of course because he's the type that would deny it if he knew there was a charge - but he often brags at work about calling these party lines and what was said.


                From VZW's perspective, I understand that they probably hear these excuses all the time...but seriously, you'd think that they could look over past call history and see that I NEVER make calls at those times...


                I've signed up my phone for the parental controls and blocked all calls to and from those numbers as well as calls made to numbers not on the trusted numbers list made after 10 pm. Hopefully, this will prevent it from happening again...I'll just have to look at my account online for any weird calls every day. Wish there was a way to block ALL international calls and calls to 800 numbers.


                Does anyone have any idea how I can convince VZW to at least make the charge smaller? Thanks!