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    Backing up / permanently saving / exporting old audio voicemails...


      If anyone can help, I'd be greatly appreciative - How do I permanently save / backup / export my audio voicemails so that I can free up more room on my phone for voicemails.  Some of the messages I'm saving are several years old & I'd like to preserve them w/o having to resave them all the time & take up so much room.  I'm down to only one voicemail message away from being full.  Please help!  Thanks, Swen.

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          Verizon does contract with a company to do this for you. It's called CBW Productions Inc. and their Verizon section can be found here: www.cbwproductions.com/vwclientsorder.html


          Your best option for the 1 voicemail is to pay $5 and they will send it to you as a .mp3 or .wav file via email.


          And DigitalTony had this to say a couple of weeks ago:


          I used a differen't service to save my voicemails before activating my new iPhone.




          I didn't know about CBW, but SaveMyVM did a great job and they

          delivered my messages within 2 hours.


          Check out both of them and see which will work best for you....


          **If you want to save future voicemail messages, use either Visual Voice Mail (a fee based service from Verizon) or YouMail or Google Voice; they all allow you to listen to and SAVE voice messages on your computer.  You Mail and Google Voice are free.