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    No service/Searching on the iphone??


      I don't know if someone already made a post about this issue, but I wasn't about to look through 13047324 pages to find out if someone found a solution.


      My iphone will have full bars one minute and then it will change to "searching..." and then "no service" and the only way i can get service again is if I reset the network settings or restart my phone. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?


      It used to only happen in the middle of the night, but recently it has been happening during the day as well


      and I will just add that this is my second iphone, the first was having the same issue and they said it was a device problem, but obviously it wasn't if it is still happening with a brand new phone. 


      Please help someone???


      I called Verizon many times and they said they have never heard of the issue happening before, so I'm curious if anyone else has had the same issue.

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          I'm having the same problem.  If you figure it out, let me know!

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            being relatively new to the forums, i was wondering if  updating your prl may be in order (based on other posts)


            To update your PRL on your phone, you may follow the steps below:

            • Power on the phone within the Verizon Wireless coverage area.
            • Dial *228 then press SEND (this call is airtime free and may take up to 2 minutes).
            • When prompted, press 2 for the option to update the PRL.
            • Once completed, a confirmation message will appear to informing that the phone has been re-programmed with the new PRL.
            • Press End to terminate the call.
            • Power cycle the phone to complete the update.
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              A couple things that can cause the issue is a metal case or if you are holding it in your hand without a case or bumper and shorting out the Antenna.

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                I have 2 phones on my account which I upgraded both to the iPhone during the pre-order.  I immediately noticed a problem with both phones having good service then going to "No Service" and would stay there until the phones were powered down and then back up. But even then, when powering up, it would be the luck of the draw cause it might reconnect for only about 30 secs and then go right back to “No Service.” Also, I would pic up my phone to use it not having used it for a few hours and it would say “No Service,” but I would have no clue how long it has been in this state since it needs to be reset to pick up a signal. FRUSTRATING!! (Note: my previous basic, cheap, flip phones had no service issues ever!!!) We were missing calls, having no clue when people were trying to get ahold of us and wasting time having to reset our phone many times everyday.  This “No Service” issue would occur not just in the home but when we were out driving around in different areas. I called Verizon within the 14 day return window to find out what was going on and since then for about 6 weeks now, maybe 20 or so times. 


                Verizon claims that I live in a low signal area, however my previous phones never had signal issues and when the iPhone is working in my home it has at least 3 bars, and on top of that it happens not only at home but in other areas too! First solutions which did not work; get a hardshell case, hold the phone softly at the middle not near the antennae, HAHA I didn’t read that in the fine print when buying the phone. Ok, after $60 deeper in the whole for the 2 cases and holding it like it’s a flower, it is still not working.  Following these, they have tried changing different settings on the phone, resetting all settings on the phone, issuing trouble tickets for their engineers to fix stuff on Verizon side, resetting my account, changing more settings on the phone again, on and on.  So many different things they have tried, but nothing worked.  In the midst of these changes my Visual Voice mail got dropped and I had no idea when I had new messages, no indication on the phone for about 2 weeks. What else can go wrong with this phone?


                Finally Verizon replaced the phone, which I had to wait for about 2 weeks for because the first tech didn’t actually put the order through and then they were back ordered???? So finally I received my new phones (now totally 4 iPhones) only to find out they did the same thing!! I again called Verizon and at this point just wanted my money back, but of course they say it’s after the 14 day mark even though I have been dealing with the issue with them within the first week of having the phones.


                Their next recommendation was to connect me with Apple support.  Apple support was this, your iPhones are having a problem on the Verizon network shall I set up an in-store appointment and we’ll replace your phones?  Of course I don’t want another set of phones that have the same issues!!   Next, when I called Verizon again after talking to Apple and not being satisfied with the solution, Verizon’s recommendation was to either try and sell my phones on ebay to recoup some of my cost or select another phone from their library, in which I said no I do not want a Droid, I either want a working iPhone or my money back and use my old flip phone. Well obviously no luck in getting my money back and no chance in getting a working iPhone, and not wanting a Droid or another flip phone, what do I do now?? Next they offered me a free network extender (why would I need this when I previously didn’t have any problems) or to keep my iPhones and sell them on ebay, send in my old flip phones and they will give me any phone I want minus the Thunderbolt.  Not a bad offer but they seemed to try to want to lock me in to an agreement statement which kinda smelled fishy to me. I declined at that point and am still trying to figure out what to do. I did however except a credit of $50 to recoup some of the phones down time.


                After doing research, Apple’s website gives a solution to turn Airplane mode on and off and this should fix the “No Service” issue if not, bring in for service (This doesn’t work for my phones.)  So it is at the minimum known by Apple that there is an issue.  And there seems to be more and more people starting to post about this same problem of “No Service.”  How will Verizon accommodate all of us?  They are already losing business because of it.  I have friends that were going to get the Verizon iPhone until they heard what’s happening to me. 

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                  This was happening to me quite frequently at home. It's happened ever since launch day. The odd thing was my wife's iPhone did not do this, in fact it worked great! I went back and forth with support for weeks until last week. That was it, I gave the ultimatum, fix it or take it back. It took some doing, lots of calls to supervisors, open tickets , and etc. At first, they told me that I'm all of a sudden in a problem area with marginal coverage and need the network extender, then they tried to stick the phone to me with the 14 day return policy. Since this trouble was reported within the 14 days (Feb 10th) and I afforded them the opportunity to fix it. At this point, I was typing a letter to mail to Lowell McAdam. But alas if finally got in touch with someone that had a brain and got it worked out.


                  This whole ordeal has soured my opinion of Verizon, I've been with them since 2003. I'm not sure that I will continue my business there.


                  Lesson learned. If there is any problem with a phone purchase within the 14 day period, return it!

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                    Cg28oh,  what was the resolution to the problem? How did it get worked out?

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                      I had the same exact thing happen to me twice.   A few weeks ago and now again today.   The only way I was able to get service back was by shutting the phone off.    If anyone has a solution to this, aside from getting a new phone, it would be appreciated!

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                        I'm having the same problem.  My husband is too.  We both just bought iphones about a month ago.  My old cheap cellphone from Verizon gets a perfect signal in the house, and our iphones will show "Searching...." or "No Service."  How lovely.  The $300 phones get no service.  I've done everything recommended....airplane mode, reboot, reset network settings, updated firmware, *228, and nothing works. 


                        It's also pretty frustrating to hear that Verizon denies this problem and isn't providing customer service on this issue.

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                          Yes, mine does the exact same thing.  I've called countless times.  I have returned 2 and am on my 3rd and it still does the same thing.  Anybody have a solution? 

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