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    phone storage space is getting low


      I keep getting an error message on my droid that says "phone storage space getting low" even though I have deleted most of the apps I downloaded and text  messages to make space.  Now when I try to open any of the apps on the phone I get an error message that says "the app has stopped unexpectedly try again later" then it ask to foreclose or report.

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          Go to manage apps, delete some of the data on your apps like internet, facebook. socialnetwork


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            you shouldn't have to delete apps. move AS MANY of them as you can to the sd card. also, as mentioned above, you can try to clear the cache of your browser and other apps. 

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              NONE of my apps will move to the SD card that were on the phone to begin with. So when I any time I take a picture or recieve text messages (and I currently only have 5 from two different people--that's TEN MESSAGES TOTAL) Low storage pops up randomly. I just bought a bigger SD memory card, good to know that was pointless.

              I've deleted my Gmail spam and trash, I wish I could delete more stupid stuff like "SLACKER" and "KINDLE" but it won't let me. 

              I don't use the standard Email function on the phone. I don't know what you are referencing by "cache", but I will delete it if I can.

              PLEASE HELP. This phone sucks and the people at my verizon store suck more.

              LG VORTEX

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                From the homescreen,press the menu button > settings > applications > manage applications > all tab. Press the menu button and sort by size. Go through each App one by one. Wherever you find it, press the "clear cache" button. The usual suspects are the browser, Market, any games, street view and others.
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                  As mentioned above you can move them as well.  



                  If you goto the same location Ann posted above but then click the "Media Area" tab, you can move applications to the larger, internal storage area.   This phone has 16gig internally, carved up into various bits.   2gig roughly is the default application storage area.  Then you've got 11gig 'media area'.  This is where VZ assumed you'd put stuff like your MP3's, videos, etc.  So apps don't go there.


                  However, if you click the Media Area tab from the 'Manage Applications' settings screen you can migrate some of your apps to that 'Media Area' space.    This is probably a real good idea for games that are large or store a lot of data.  It won't let you move things like the browser or any other 'hard installed' apps that came with the phone.  But definitely anything you downloaded  can go there. 





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                    Not all android phones have an internal storage area or Media Area for personal file storage. The only option there might be available is moving the application to the SD card instead of having the application installed on the phone's internal memory (application area).
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                      My phone keeps saying storage space is low or can't accept incoming text messages due to need to delete files. I purchased a 8 gb sd card to try and avoid this. My phone shows I have 7.0GB available space on card and 18.6 MB of internal space. What should I do?

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                        i avoid putting apps on sd card & maybe have eliminated problems that folks have with updates, having apps on the card.
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