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    HTC Thunderbolt SMS error

      After a few hours of up time I get this error code while trying to send a text to an AT&T user.

      Cause Code 65535 Error Class 3

      And I can't send any texts without rebooting the phone.

      Any ideas?
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          I have the same problem. Started happening the first day I got it. I also have to reboot to fix it only for a few hours.. hopefully someone can help resolve this issue soon..
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            I get the same message but only with onw of my contacts that is linked to face book. One her face book page she does not have the dashes in her phone number and i feel that is the reason for the failure because the phone reverts to face book contact info to send and recieve. I hope this gets resoved I am ready to return the phone.

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              Hi Vorian,


              Thanks for the information about the error code while trying to send a text to a AT&T user. In mentioning you were not able to send any text messages without rebooting, were you meaning not being able to send any text messages to the same AT&T user or anyone? If it was to the same AT&T user, please check to see if your calls are going through to the same user and that they can text you back and/or do they have any errors. Please confirm with the AT&T user that they do not have a block from receiving your messages when you attempt to send or if there are any device issues their phone. Also, providing a little more information will help narrow down what is causing the errors so we can recommend more steps or suggestions to resolve the texting issue.


              Thank You,



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                I'm not the OP, but I just recieved this error as well. I can't send a text to anyone, though I can receive them. I also tried sending a text through an alternate app (handcent), and it still wouldn't send.
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                  Again, not the OP but am getting similar problems. I can receive texts, but cannot send a text to anyone.
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                    edit the phone number so that there is no +1 in front. try just 1 or the areacode only.


                    edit: nvm this did not work for me :/

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                      I think it has something to do with the snyc'd Facebook contacts asnd with the phone number it uses for authentication when sending a text. When I was talking to a very knowledgable Verizon tech for once, the text never makes it onto the Verizon network. So I've been trying a few things to narrow it down. So far... The VRZN tech had reloaded my texting onto my phone, error came back within two hours. I removed the contact from linking to Facebook, error returned. I completely removed and re-added the contact, still errored. I completely removed Facebook from the phone the app and HTC Sense sync, it removed my facebook phone number from "My contact card" in 'people' haven't encountered the 65535 error yet. I'm going to run it for the day and see what happens then I'll re-add it to see if the error returns and see if I can edit that contact card or just remove my phone number on facebook.


                      Background info: The error was intermediate and it didn't matter which carrier the recipient was using.  The particular contact I tested this with is a Verizon user and someone that I text constantly (the girlfriend haa!) The reason why I was thinking Facebook is because of what the Verizon tech had mentioned with that error being connected to the authentication phonenumber it uses and when I was getting the error over and over with a couple contacts I would text my dad who doesn't have a facebook and the text would go thru. I guess I'll have to see how tomorrow goes.  

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                        This is how I started my investigation into the issue. However, last nightt he thunderbolt just started giving me the error on certain people, even though I have NEVER synced facebook since my last reset. I was actually having a text conversation withs someone, and then in the middle of the conversation it stopped sending messages to one specific person.

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                          This is not an isolated issue, and is prevelant in Thunderbolts. I would bring your phone to a Corporate Verizon store and have the techs take a look, perhaps they have seen enough of them by now to give you an informed solution.

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