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    SMTP server for outgoing mail


      I have a Verizon 4g mifi device for internet.  I have just setup hosting with 000webhost.com and setup my email.  I have incoming emails at michael@therandomocity.com but I need to know how to setup for SMTP outgoing.  Does anyone know?  I need the SMTP outgoing server for verizon 4G.

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          To my knowledge, Verizon does not yet have a MiFi device for their 4G network.  Were you thinking of a 4G USB modem, perhaps?


          Anyway, the SMTP server is something that is usually set up by your mail host (000webost.com, in your case) and has nothing to do with Verizon. I saw that it's listed somewhere that you need to use your provider's SMTP server (which makes zero sense to me), so I suggest you call your webhost first for support, and call Verizon tech support if 000webhost can't help you.