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    Flix message


      How do I view my FLIX message?  I got a text that said I could go online to view it by just following the directions on this site, but I can't find where I'm supposed to do this!  HELP!!!

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          Someone sent you a video, but you r phone is not video capable? Go to vzwpix.com and log in with your MyVerizon username/number and password, and you should be able to access the message from there.
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            I did that. and I could not find it.  Where do you go after you login?



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              Go to My Messaging, Send a muti-media message - and there you will be able to send and also see any messages sent to you.

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                Hello CNZ,


                May I ask were you able to view the flix messages that was sent to you? Also, when did you receive the flix message indicator on your phone? A community member provided some great steps on how to view the flix online. Thanks SuzyQ! If you still need assistance with locating your flix message online then feel free to send me a direct message with your full name, mobile number, and a brief description of the issue and I can walk you through the process.


                Thank you...



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                  I cannot find how to get it on the computer either. I tried clicking the send a message button and nothing showed up...


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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                    Hello! Sorry that you were not able to find the picture/video! Can you try and navigate to www.verizonwireless.com/picture? Once you get the site, log in with your My Verizon username and password. Let us know if that help!

                    Thank you,

                    Katie H
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                      I can not access mine!!!! I need help and I can not find help anywhere! This doens't help me.... please... someone respond with step by step.