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    The Sirus-XM APP


      I  m a Sirius/XM subscriber. I got a full year for $20.00 when I bought my car. The trouble is the quality of the satelite section of the   radio that came with my '08 PT Cruiser is only so so. I use my Droid X in Moto's car dock daily and play music from various Apps into the car stwreo via an aux input and the sound quality is very good to excellent. So for $2.00 more a month I got the Sirius XM online site which has a mobil APP for the phone. The sound is way better than the satelite tuner in the stock radio but there are a few issues, with one that siriusly bugs me, The APP on the screen does not go landscape when the phone is in the car dock or the home dock. I don't know if this is a Sirius/XM issue or a Verizon issue but both parties are making money each month, a gravy train and I think they need to support it. Sirius's service ammounts to talking to an untrained helpdesk off-shore and they take all the info but absolutely nothing happens. You get no response from the company. I'm wondering if someone here has a techy contacts at Sirius/XM or just kinows how to modify this APP so it gains the landscape screen in the Moto docks. Other minor issues using this APP is the fidelity will change in areas where Verizon's signal is less than stellar. This is pretty minor.

      If anyone has info for me, and others, I'd appreciate it.


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          Matt,  I have been a Sirius subscriber from day one. However, I don't use the app because my truck stereo is great (and that doesn't help you).


          Did you go to the app developer webpage?  




          Try emailing them again, if you haven't. Calling Sirius for any reason is like talking to a brick wall and sometimes when you email Sirius Cust Support, their reply emails read like they were written by a brick wall, but keep trying.


          That is what I have done for other issues.........kept trying.........and I eventually either spoke to, or was emailed by someone that knew what they were doing.


          No, Verizon won't offer any help as it isn't their app.



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            Thank You droidsw


            I did email Sirius and got an automatic message saying they would contact me within the next business day.