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    Replacing broken phone


      My flip phone hinge is breaking.  I don't have a warranty.  I was hoping to buy a used phone online to replace mine.  I found one exactly like the one I have that says "The phone cannot be activated on a new account because its current account is locked by the carrier".  Does anyone know what this means?  Will I be able to use the phone if mine is exactly the same?  If I buy a used phone do I need specific information in order to activate it? 

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          For the phone that you mentioned ("locked by the carrier") it probably means that the person who owned it previously was either disconnected for non-payment or reported the phone as lost/stolen and filed an insurance claim. In either case the ESN # for the phone would be listed on their negative file and you would not be able to activate it. So it could only be used for parts.


          Any used phone that you buy you want to see if you can get the ESN # to have Verizon check it. If it's not on their negative file for one of these reasons (Non-Payment/Lost/Stolen) then you're free to activate it. All you would need to do is call Verizon with that ESN # and they'll figure it out.

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            Exactly what I needed to know.  Thank you.


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              I was wondering if I could check if this ESN could be activated with my phone


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                I would recommend removing the ESN information from a public forum and calling customer service.