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      So I got a vzw free txt today saying that my vzwpix account has been inactive for xxx amount of days and was going to be deleted. So I click the provided link from the txt msg.....which takes me to a webpage that in 2 or 3 different places says 'You need flas to view this' ok so what is the purpose of  vzwpix? and why would they send a link that you cannot see w/o flash

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          VZWPIX is Verizon's free online photo album for it's subscribers. If you don't use it you can disregard the message, and since you're getting the message you probably don't use it!

          I think it's one of those services that made sense to a corporate suit several years ago but with the abundance of things like flickr and photobucket, just don't make sense anymore, but VzW just never pulled the plug on the service.
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            It is still available for feature phones.  If a person wants to download their pictures off the feature phone, they would send the pictures as MMS message to your mobilenumber@vzwpix.com to the online album.


            To the OP did you have a feature phone before your current phone?  Did you send any pictures from the old phone?

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              No. I have never had a feature phone with VZW

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                how do you not have flash? log in from a pc and see what pictures/videos are there..

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                  same as i have few times but i don't have any photo save in online album ( vzwpix ) and still getting that annoying text.


                  i would like for them to stop sending out the annoying " vzwpix" message to anyone who even don't have photo account or don't have any photos posted on online album.