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    blank sd card


      i have had my droid x for about 3 weeks now and i loved it. Its all i wanted and has not had a single problem until now. i woke up and there was an unfamiliar picture in my notification bar. It keeps saying blank sd card. so i have done everything it says to, formated the card, rest the card, reset the phone. but still it wont read the card. this means i cant download anything or save anything and everything i had is now deleted. did i download a bad app or what?

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          Are you sure it's just not MOUNTED?   Settings / SD CARD & Phone Storage / UNMOUNT - or does it say MOUNT?  (needs to be mounted.)


          Have you recently plugged your phone into a PC via the USB cable?  (you can't access the card via the phone when USB connected.)


          Have you tried a Battery Pull?  (and wait 20-30 secs).


          You said you FORMATTED it?  via the Phone's option? 

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            More than likely a bad SD card. Have you checked it out on your computer's card reader? If that can not read it, then it is more than likely you do have a bad card.

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              it didnt work when i plugged into computer.

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                it wont format and when i click mount nothing happens, it just keeps saying blank sd card and i need to mount and format it. it doesnt work on computer either

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                  Take it to a Verizon store and let them try to read it in another phone or reader ... Otherwise you'll probably need to get a new Card ...   Strange..  and concerns me that these things can fail like this. Mine is 6 months old.