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    unlimited data plan


      Hello everyone, i have an enV touch and am on a family plan with the 1400 mins and unlimited texts. i was told by a lady at verizon that to add the unlimited data with internet and email is only an extra 10 bucks a month. i was wondering what the big benefits are to having internet on your phone and is the browser different than the one that i have on my computer?


      thanks in advance.

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          Its actually $15 a month and is called the VPak by VCast. Unless she is trying to get you to move from the Select plan to the Connect plan, then I think that was $10 difference. No Vcast on the Connect plan unless you pay extra.

          Its good while you are on the go as you can check your webmail, its just internet on the go. You can visit nearly every website out there. There is html support but not full html like your computer. Also limited flash support. You can watch YouTube videos but I haven't found other video sites to work yet.


          You can compare the plans by clicking up there ^. Depending on the phones on your lines, Premium may be better as it has everything. :smileyhappy: