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    Unlimited MiFi??? NOT


      I just got off the phone with a customer service rep...I was wondering why my download speed is now at 12kbs...yes you are reading that right.  I never had a speed over 140kbs.  They said it was because my usage was over the 5G allowed, but yet I am on an unlimited plan which I got when they first came out with wireless internet.  The explanation given was that my excessive usage could degrade their system, so they had to slow my speed down, but if I needed to have the faster speed, I could go to a different plan, which would pay them more $$$, and then I could still use the same amount that I had been using.  Now that doesn't make a bit of sense to me...how is it if I pay more then their tower won't be in danger of degradation?  She said my account would be reviewed in 15 days, and then maybe they would lift the restriction if I hadn't gone over.  Fat chance of that happening... I am unable to update Windows....file is corrupt because of the slow download speed, and I have a couple other programs that I have been unable to update also which I have gotten a file corrupt error on...ie. Quickbooks.  Wish I had some other option for internet, would drop them in a hearbeat!!!

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          I too have been experiencing slow speeds at time in my device( MIFI 2200).  I am a heavy data user and easily do 10gb in a month or more.  I wasn't sure if they were throttling  me down or not.  I just asked this same question somewhere else and I am told they don't throttle down.  So which is it?

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            I just noted your topic. I posted yesterday significant (but periodic) slowdowns here in Hawai'i (see Verizon 3G service reliability). It seems to happen about 2-4x/month where my speed drops to below 1kB/sec. Normally, I will get great

            sustained performance via my MIFI of 100-200kB/sec (or more). I  am also on the grandfathered "unlimited" plan, but don't typically exceed the 5GB/mo level, though usually close. I use it for work and am also considering going back to DSL. Responses to my blog suggest maintenance as a cause, but I would have thought (hoped?) that Verizon would warn users - as the phone company did.

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              I am in the car all the time I am a Limo driver so I use the device in different places all the time.


              Now I just ran a speed test in Alexandria, VA near potomac yards.  I will test some other places and report them too


              204mb/s for download and .74mb/s for download with .82ms for latency.


              Washington DC in front of the Mandarin Hotel     .45mb/s download    .55mb/s upload with 136ms latency.


              Sterling Va at Dulles Airport  .18mb/s download and .44mb/s upload with 143ms latency