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    My phone broke... using old one?

      My phone broke and I have 2 weeks till upgrade time for 2 year contract thing. I want to use my dad's old verizon phone is it possible to transfer my number on it and use it for 2 weeks? Does it cost anything? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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          On the surface, yes, this is entirely doable, and there would be no extra cost.

          What will make a difference are these things:

          1. If the phone requires a data plan and you do not currently have one, then that charge would be added for the 2 weeks. On the other hand, if it does not need one and you currently DO have one, you'll save a little bit!

          2. If the phone is linked to an account with a balance still owed, the balance would need to be paid before the phone could be activated.

          3. If the phone is reported as lost or stolen, that would need to be cleared before it could be activated.

          If none of the above apply, and it is a Verizon branded phone, then just charge it up, turn it on, dial *228 and choose option 1 - follow the prompts to activate the phone. Or, call 800-922-0204 from another phone and have a rep talk you through the activation.

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            The phone is my dad's old verizon, he upgraded his phone and Im pretty sure that phone does not own any credits etc since he pays his bills monthly for our family new phones. 

            The phone does not have data plan, neither do I. 

            My question is i still see his phone number on the old phone from phone info, if I transfer my number to it, will it basically erase that?

            Thank you for the help!

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              Once the phone is activated with your number, the phone info will change - your old phone needs to be OFF, and then turn his on, dial *228 and choose option 1. This will work as long as his old phone is not currently active on another line.