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    Looking for Best Phone / Tablet Combination


      I travel a lot for business and am looking for the best Phone / Tablet Combo for work and entertainment.


      I mostly take notes from meetings and transition the notes into tasks on a calendar or within projects; answer and send emails; make minor edits of word documents; create PowerPoint presentations and participate in web or video conference. For entertainment, I watch movies, surf the web, read a book or play video games.


      The applications I use the most are Google mail, docs, sites, groups, blogger and smartsheet; Evernote and Microsoft OneNote; OnLive (for video games) and CoMapping.


      I looking at the following combinations:


      1) Xoom with Bionic but considering that I may prefer a 7"; wondering how the keyboard works with the tablet; and how the phone will interface with tablet


      2) Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tab 2 10" - again, concerned about size and the lack of ports on the Tabler


      3) HTC Thunderbolt and Flyer: thinking this may be the best combo, especially excited about the unique OnLive interact on the Flyer


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you!








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          i would suggest checking out the dell lattitude XT2 if you are going to be using ms office. it's a bit bulkier, but is much more of a cross between a tablet and a full blown laptop. tablets are great, but i just don't know how functional any of them will be if you really need to use it for business (as opposed to just entertainment). it runs windows 7.

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            If you already have a smartphone, a tablet is just a toy, nothing more. Get a laptop + smartphone instead IMO, so that the laptop does things your phone can't.
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              Thank you for the suggestions. I think both your recommendations are a good ones. 


              I currently have a HP Pavilion dm4 - 1165dx Entertainment Notebook, but I don't like taking it on the road or to meetings. I was thinking the HTC Flyer (with the stylus) would allow me to take meeting notes on Evernote that I could easily pull down from the Cloud. 


              I think I may go with the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone as an upgrade for the LG EnV and a HTC Flyer to complement my from the Notebook.Ihave used OpenOffice and am comfortable with so I don't fill I have to use Microsoft (OneNote is great though)

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                I would like to suggest that you hang in there till the fall (2011). The Tablet/Phone combo development is in full gear with several top brands in the mix. There should be several to choose from in the 6 - 9 inch display range that will be as full featured as the current high end tablets. There are actually a few already available, but none have pulled together all the features we'd expect into one device. I think you will find the Samsung Galaxy Q which has already been launched in Europe to have the most potential. It will be the first to incorporate their superior display in an 8.9-inch G1F (amoled) touch panel (It is currently being manufactured with their less bright and slightly thicker GFF display). Once they ramp up production on the more desirable display, they will be ready to launch the Q in the US. This device will essentially have all the features found on the latest versions of the Galaxy Tab 10 and 7-inch (non-phone capable) devices. It will be available in WIFI only and 4G LTE (currently it is a 3G device) plus WIFI models. Essentially, you will be able to make a small compromise on the display size and get all the functionality you will find in a Hummingbird/Honeycomb tablet, only this baby is also your phone. Admittedly, this is not going to fit comfortably in your "skinny" jeans but it will fit fine in my cargo pants and in the breast pocket of my suit jacket. My guess is that most women will find room for it in their purse.

                I am hoping that they will improve the cameras as to compete with at least 5mp/3mp front/rear resolution. The current model is a little light in that department. It will have an sd card reader as well as a sim card slot, HDMI out and usb in. I have not had the Euro version in my hands but I am told even the audio quality is impressive, if that sort of thing is important to you.

                All I want...is everything. Hopefully, good things will come to those that wait (until October).

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                  I now think this combination might be the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Note 3 Developers Edition.


                  I purchased the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Verizon and truly enjoy it. I owned a iPad but find the Note makes me much more productive because I am a big note taker and appreciate the multi-tasking. I enjoy it so much I might sell my Note 10.1 to upgrade to the Note 10.1 2014 edition.


                  I have my eye on the Galaxy Note 3 Developers Edition in case my experiment with the Google Nexus 5 and pre-paid services does not work out.