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    Blinking light


      I've looked on this board and in the online manual.  I can't find any explanation for the different colors of the blinking light at the top right of the phone.  They're alerts... but what does each color mean?





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          These are the ones for my phone hopefully they are similar for the DROID 2 and it's varients.

          A solid orange means that the phone is charging. Solid green means that it is finished charging. Blinking green means a notification for various reasons, voicemail, text message, missed calls, etc. An alternating green and orange led light means the battery is overheated.

          If there are others, please post back with more details as to which colors and solid or flashing the led light is doing that you have questions about.
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            Also, various apps allow you to use different LED colors and speed of flashing for various alerts, e.g. the Handcent IM application allows you to choose a color for "New IM has arrived".  So in general the answer depends on which apps you have loaded.

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              I'll add one more. Red means that your battery is almost completely drained and should be charged. Ann154 covered the rest of them.

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                Oh yeah. I forgot that one! :smileyhappy:
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                  Thanks to everyone!  That helps a lot.  LOVE this board.