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    Do Sales reps hate the iphone?!


      Ok so my contract ended with t-mobile and for my birthday I wanted to sign a contract with Verizon and get the iphone. I shopped around for a bit and everytime I went into a verizon store ( I tried about 3-4 different stores), each sales rep tried to sell me an android phone and told me the iphone is inferior for this reason or that... EVERY SALESMAN!! Do they not get commission on the iphone sales or what?!


      So anyway, I meet with with one saleman who shows me a Samsung Fascinate and how close to the iphone 4 it is with the layout, side scrolling apps pages, resolution, etc... So i went ahead and got it. Now the Fascinate has potential to be a great phone but this thing is so buggy and slow, and there is no signs of samsung or verizon coming out with the updated 2.2 or 2.3 version update. 


      So my 14 day return period ends this Sunday and I want to return it to get what I originally wanted; THE iPHONE. I call my salesman up and tell him this and he gives me the go around saleguy speach of how I should keep this phone and he could trouble shoot it for me, the update wont fix my problems, etc... etc...


      All i want it an iphone. haha. jeesh.


      Does anybody know if I return my fascinate in stores and purchase the iphone onlinem how long it might take me to receive it? I dont want to be stuck without a phone for too long. Thanks!

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          the droid phones of today are better spec wise because the iPhone is 8 months old, but the 8 month old iPhone still performs better then the droid phones, as you can personally see. The way I look at it, All the new smartphones are always compared to the iPhone, so you might as well just get the phone that everyone else tries to be like :smileyhappy:


          I am willing to bet that the droid hardware makers, Moto, htc, samsung, etc.... do have their hand in what the salesman says, whether they are told to sell the droids or get a bigger commission on it. I heard the same thing when i went in for a new iPhone, I went in to buy, not to speak to a salesmen that I know more about phones then he does, He was telling a customer the same thing about specs, sd card expansion, etc.... on the droid, I just smurked and walked to the counter, what they dont tell the people is how buggy droid is, My Incredible SUCKS right now compared to the smoothness and ease of the iPhone 4. Me, I would return the fascinate and get the  iphone and hope there is no big change in June

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            Personally, most employees prefer the platform compared to iOS.  There are no kickbacks for the phone and no push by the manufacturer.  Most reps are just giving their opinion and most reps have Android phones.  There's postives to both phones, but it does seem that most lead towards Android, which isn't the best.  Most places you do research will have some form of bias, so just get what fits your needs and go from there.


            As far as the exchange, just do it at the store so you have it in your hand.  If you return and then go online, you still have to wait for the shipping.

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              Yes My Fascinate it incredibly buggy. It drives me nuts. Technically, once my wife's contract ends with t mobile in June, she will be joining me for a family plan on Verizon and she will be getting the iphone 5 (hopefully if it comes out then) and then taking over this Fascinate (or iphone 4 if i exchange) and I will be getting the iphone 5. 


              She is not a cell phone junkie like me and could care less what she has so I think the iphone 4 would fit her better than a more confusing Android phone would.


              About the issue of returning the Fascinate in store and getting the iphone instore as well. As far as I know, no stores in jacksonville are currently in stock with the iphone. I guess I could call around and see before I go. If not, I will have to do the order online and hope it doesnt get too confusing with the current customer/new customer issue since Im technically a new customer just returning a recent product.

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                Return it to the same store you bought it at (other Verizon stores may take it, but your best bet is to go to the place you got it) for a $35 restocking fee, and you can get an iPhone. 


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                  Not to imply that all reps are doing this, but I will say that one rep I spoke with (on a account billing issue, not a iPhone issue) admitted that he has told customers that they don't want the iPhone solely out of "iPhone envy" (his words!)...since employees weren't able to get the iPhone at release. Yes, he could have been joking but if he wasn't then there could be other reps that are doing the same thing. Or...they could be giving their personal opinion. As great as it is to hear others thoughts it shouldn't be the sole decider in a customers choice. What's trash to one person is gold to another.

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                    Thanks for the replies everyone!


                    Just did some research and called around. The corporate Verizon store here in Jacksonville DOES have the iphone. He did inform me that I would have to return it to the store I bought it from (as one poster had said), keep the account open, then go to the corporate office and purchase that iphone there.


                    Looks like I will be a proud owner of the iphone 4 tomorrow! 

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                      Maybe they were sold out of the 16g. I mean other than the name iphone doesn't really have much going for it. If you compare the processor power and memory to almost any droid it lags behind. If you are unhappy with the phone just bring it back, don't let him talk you out of it.

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                        I can attest to this.  I was in my local Verizon corporate store to buy a case for my iPhone.  While I was perusing the cases I overheard a salesman launch into a ridiculous tirade against the iPhone and Apple in general.  The young lady with whom he was talking was visibly upset as she clearly wanted an iPhone and this clown wouldn’t let up in trying to talk her out of it.  Finally another customer stepped up and said something to the effect of “Hey, she wants an iphone, get her an iphone!”  The salesman was so disgusted that he went on break and another saleslady stepped in to help her.


                        I kept looking around for Ashton Kutcher as there was no way this could be real.  



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                          I like my iPhone and I liked my droid2.  The pro's and con's for both are similar enough that you can't go wrong with either device.  I believe sales people nowadays believe they know what's best for their customers without listening to them. 

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