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    GSM service


      I was recently in France.  My "escapade" cell could only get "limited GSM service" in Nice (south), Rennes (West) and Paris!  Rep says intl service is activated, that there should be full service in all these (major) cities.  What gives?  Anyone used GSM anywhere in Europe with an "escapade"?  I am still waiting for reply from CS...

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          I don't know why this is on the iPhone 4 board. However, I upgraded to the iPhone from a Samsung Renown, which is also a global flip phone. I encountered the limited GSM service problem in Asia after I changed my VZW number by porting my landline. My SIM card was no longer activated after the number change. The limited service message means that you can only place emergency calls. I recommend that you call Global Support at 908-559-4899.