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    phone turns off by itself


      started about a week ago but its getting worse and more frequent. I'm afraid eventually it just won't turn on again. the phone will turn off by itself and usually taking out the battery and putting it back in works. but now I have to leave it out for about a half an hour and put it back in for it to work. sometimes not even that. I just keep taking it out and keep trying til it works. is there a solution for this or does it need replaced?

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          First what comes to mind is some sort of program incompatibility.


          Please answer the following few questions:

          1. Do you have the latest version of the OS? It should be 2.1 version S:i500.04.EA28. If not, try to perform a system update.

          2. If you have the latest version of the OS. Did the phone started to restart after after you downloaded any program?

          3. If you answered yes to question 2, try to perform a hard reset and reinstall one program every few hours (no sooner then a frequency a reset that you are experience).

          4. If resets still occurs after all of the actions above are done, contact Verizon and ask for replacement.


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            My guess is that your phone is freezing, not turning off.  This is probably why you need to pull the battery for your phone to work again.  Doing this too often can force your phone to open in safe mode which limits functionality but will allow you to remove applications (such as the last one or few that you've downloaded).


            One thing I have noticed as I download more and more apps is that several apps open up in the background for various reasons.  Since these apps don't close unless your phone requires memory, when your phone suddenly requires heavy processor use, it may freeze.


            What worked for me was using Advanced Task Killer (it controls what stays open), and I have it set up so that it force quits things at a safe level (so none of the important programs get turned off).  Also, it is set up so that it closes apps only if I'm not actively using the phone.  This has significantly cut down on the number of times my phone has frozen on me.


            But it's definitely better to find the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.  You should determine if an incompatible application (as papaleo mentioned) or too many applications running simultaneously or even something else.

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              Hi Veleos,


              Please try the suggestions provided by the very helpful members papa leo and 10sEn. I am also sending you a private

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                Mine does the same thing. i dont know if i should take it to the store, but its getting on my nerves that i have to keep taking out the battery wait 30 min. or more and then put it back in and sometimes it doesnt work, i had to wait one whole day before putting the battery back in!! Just did it to me right now, if i would of known this phone was going to do this never would of got it!!! HELP!!

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                  Thanks to the community members for your input. JenNavarro, power cycling is definitely an issues that could frustrate you and prevent you from using your phone as much as you want so I understand. I researched your issue and found some steps that may assist you with resolving the power cycling. I would first put the phone in to safe mode. This is a great step to determine whether a 3rd party application is the cause of an Operating System / Application issue. After you have enabled and disabled this functionality to take off any third party apps that may be causing the issue, power cycle your device. If this doesn't work, the last step would be to perform a master/factory reset. I will list the steps below for safe mode and for the master reset. 


                  Steps to put phone into safe mode:


                  1. Power down the device.
                  2. Power the device on.
                  3. When the Verizon Logo is displayed in the power up sequence, press and hold the MENU key.

                  If successful, SAFE MODE will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

                  (To deactivate Safe Mode, power down and power on the device normally.)


                  Steps to master reset the phone: Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. 



                  1. From a home screen, select Applications.


                  2. Select Settings.

                  3. Select Privacy.

                  4. Select Factory data reset.

                  5. Select Reset phone.
                    Note If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern.


                  6. Select Erase everything.

                  7. Perform activation process