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    What exactly is Data? What does that include?

      My plan has 'Unlimited Data' I know I have e-mail and texting etc, but does 'Data' include Mobile web?? Do I have unlimited use of Mobile Web or am I being charged? I'm confused, does Mobile Web fall under Data?
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          What plan are you on? and what are the individual features that you're paying for? This will help us explain what's included/not included in your plan. And what device do you have?


          Generally, if it says "unlimited data" then you're not getting charged to browse the web cause you're already paying for the unlimited feature. But more details about your plan/device would make this all a lot clearer. 


          ...just saw your user info. 

          If you have the Connect plan then yes, you're paying for unlimited web browsing, unlimited text and the mobile email subscription. So you can browse the web all you want without any extra charges and you can also download/set up the Mobile Email subscription on your device. 


          Hope this helps. 

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