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    least expensive plan


      Sorry if this has already been asked, but i was wondering what the least expensive iphone plan is with Verizon - I assume there's no pay-as-you-go with the iphone, is that right?



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          450 min for 39.99

          data for 29.99


          add any texting option you want, ins, fee's ect

          so min $70+taxes and fees

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            Actually, if you don't use calling very much, you can get unlimited texting and data for $55. You get no minutes though, so everytime you make a call, you're charged $.40.


            That's what I'm going to get, as I rarely make calls. And you can always use Skype to call someone if you need to talk for a long period of time. Most employees at the stores don't know about the plan, but if you tell them about it they'll give it to you. 

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              That plan is only for the hard of hearing or hearing impaired Kyllie, and you need a doctor's certification to get it.