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    How do I delete Ozmail text messages?


      Ok,  After spending countless days, phone calls and reviews on forums I found way to fix the issue with OZMAIL text messages.. To remove them you must have your old phone with you.  Simply go to


      Email> Mobile Email>select accounts to delete.


      Once you select delete accounts through this you will no longer have your old phone's setting in your phone and your new one won't provision any more unwanted texts.  The reason be is that you created alerts in your old phone to get updates when new messages come in, so by deleting the email from your old phone you no longer will receive updates to your new phone.


      I sent myself a few emails to see if this is a fix and it works!


      Note to customer care/tech support:  Would be good if when customer upgrades phone to have customer select remove prior to swapping/upgrading phone to avoid these texts coming to new phone.:womanvery-happy:

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          Thanks for posting this atweet - it has come up in the past when customers upgraded to a smartphone from a regular phone that had mobile email installed.

          I'm glad you found the "fix" - and thanks for putting it in a current thread for others to find!!
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            Is there another solution if you don't have your old phone?

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              Yes, there are CSR's who frequent this forum who can fix it. You could try calling into CS and see if you get a rep who understands the issue.

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                I just called Verizon and got a tech support rep who was able to go into my account and manually disable or deactivate the email account on my prior phone which should stop the OZMAIL notifications.


                She also told me this is only an issue for folks who have upgraded from a 3G to a 4G device who had an email account set up on the old 3G phone.  She also said that if I had gone in and re-activated my old phone then tried to re-activate my current phone I would have needed to get a new SIM card for my 4G phone so that method was not recommended.


                Also, regarding any charges for these notifications she said that would only come into play if someone does not have unlimited text messaging on their account and would only be the per text charge.


                Only time will tell if the messages have been stopped but, based on what I know now, I believe they are and contacting tech support is the best way to get it resolved.

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                  But this doesn't apply to me.  I've never had a Verizon 3g phone.  I'm a new verizon customer as of June 2011.  I moved from an AT&T iPhone 3gs. 


                  What other solutions are there? 

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                    I'm sorry to hear that you too are receiving the OZ Mail notifications on your new phone.

                    Did you happen to have an email address set up with your previous iPhone with AT&T?

                    If so, do you still have that phone? Is it powered on but inactive? Have you done a master reset with that phone to remove the email address?

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                      So I have to reactivate my old phone and deactivate my current one in order to change the e-mail settings and stop these annoying Ozmail texts?!?  Btw, I don't have an unlimited text plan and I have received so many Ozmail texts that I will be incuring overage charges from Verizon... Lovely :-/....  I spoke with someone in tech support and they were not very informed on how to resolve this either...

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                        Well I removed my email accounts from my old phone I sure hope this works they are just plain annoying!
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                          Thank you for this. I found it the most helpful of all the advise I had been through. I called tech support and had to get a senior tech on the line. He knew exactly what I was talking about and ran the "OZMail tool" and it has stopped so far.

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