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    Call Forwarding from Land Line to Cell Phone


      Hi there. I work out of two offices, one company location as well as my Home Office. When I am not in the company office, all calls are forwarded to my cell phone.


      When I was on TMobile, those forwarded calls showed up on my cell phone usage as using 1 minute and indicated it was from that office line.


      Having been on VZW for a few weeks, it looks like those forwarded calls come straight thru, and do not show having been forwarded from my land line.


      Here is why it is a potential issue - figuring it would show up like it did on TMO, I put my office number in as one of my 5 friends and family numbers, figuring that if VZW did it like TMO, these calls would otherwise use up minutes. I also figured I could save a few hundred minutes by having them come through via the land line.


      So am I safe to change to anotehr number as one of my 5? Does VZW then not count a forwarded call as incoming minutes from the forwarded phone, just from the originating line?