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    How can I forward a saved voice mail?


      I just took the big leap from a basic flip phone to the Droid 2 Globa during this past Christmas Season.  Learning the capabilities of this mini computer is fun with some frustration thrown in just to keep things interesting. 


      And one of those interesting things is this question, "How can I forward a saved voice mail message to a friend"?


      I would greatly apprecieate any help on this matter before she ships out for SW Asia in about 4 weeks.






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          It is the same as any other phone, listen to the voicemail, then it will say press 7 to erase, 9 to save, and some other number for other options. Choose other options and, I think, number 4 is to forward. You then enter in the number you would like to forward to and press #.
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            This is a big issue with my phone. Every stinking time I forward a voice message, it comes back later (sometimes DAYS LATER) with "was not delivered due to technical issues".


            This is infuriating, inconvenient, aggravating, and it causes BIG problems because I don't know immediately that the message has not been delivered.


            It doesn't matter what telephone number, carrier service, etc., I have gotten exactly ONE message forwarded successfully in all the years I've had this service.


            WHY IS THIS?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Good Afternoon stacio,

              I understand you are frustrated.

              Please be advised that Voice Mail users can forward messages and reply by recorded message only to other VZW Voice Mail users. I'm sorry you would not be able to forward a voicemail message to another carrier number or landline number.


              VZW Support
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                I use YouMail and I can forward messages to any email or even to a storage host, I send mine to Dropbox,,,   Check out YouMail on the Play Market, also I added Better YouMail to give you a nicer UI..

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                  Hi Johnathan,

                  Thank you for your response.  The people I forward to are indeed on Verizon Wireless - my family and my husband's family - we all chose Verizon wireless specifically so we're all on the same service - grrr.   Another problem (I know this isn't the forum, but I try anyway since I can get no satisfactory answer when I call tech support or customer servide) is that sometimes voicemails to me don't show up in my account until a full seven days after they were left.  The worst example of this is when my doctor died and I was wondering why he wasn't emailing or returning my calls when I had been working on a project for him.  I'm like most people, checking voicemail at least a few times daily and there was never any indication of new messages, no skipped, nothing showing up ON the screen of the phone as a missed message, etc.  Seven days later, a message showed up as a NEW message from his wife. She had called the previous week (message envelope confirms time and date) telling me he had died unexpectedly.   She had left the msg the day after he died and has asked me to call her for details concerning his memorial. I missed the memorial and she was hurt that I hadn't called her back when she left the msg.  This happens enough on regular calls, this particular call was the most horrible time it could have happened. I know I'm not the only one who has this problem, any ideas why this happens?  Thanks for any help you can give me, stacio 

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                    Thanks Wildman     I'll check that out.

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                      I just thought about this, YouMail only works on messages received after activating and can not send messages stored on Verizon message system so this will work for some situations but I dont think it will work for your situation...


                      Just thought this should be pointed out,,

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                        This isn't exactly what you want but you can pull the audio off your voicemail and email if you want with this method.



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                          What are the steps to forward to another Verizon user? Thanks.