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    How to orient video vertically on pc?


      I took videos with the phone/camera in a vertical position. When I downloaded them to my pc in Zune, they play sideways. Is there a way to reorient the videos other than by taking all videos with the camera in horizontal position?


      Thanks for help

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          Yes, you can send these photographs to any E-mail account and once there, save them to the computer, then, when you retrieve it, in the window that has the picture, you should see a couple of arrows that allow you to rotate the photos clockwise, or counter-clockwise. 





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            Found this thread over at the video related forum.  Gist of what I gather is you need to re-encode the video, losing some (possibly unnoticeable) quality in the process.  You can use player software to playback correctly rotated, but you would have to do it everytime you played the video.   VLC player can do rotate in this case.  


            NOTE: The thread is over a year old, so there might be a better way now, this was just the first good result I found hitting up google.



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              SMPlayer is another free video player that will let you rotate or flip the video. I had been using VLC, but I like SMPlayer much more. The option in SMPlayer to rotate or flip is so easy to access that it takes about one or two seconds to find and access it. Also, SMPlayer will remember the settings you used for playback of 'x' number of videos [I don't remember how large 'x' is]





              As far as reencoding and rotating at the same time, during my limited experience with using some of the free video encoders here are two more options that I don't think were mentioned in that videohelp thread that you cited:


              AviDemux and Format Factory






              AviDemux is so feature rich that it's a little overwhelming, while Format Factory has a smaller learning curve. I'd describe the differences between the two of them in the extensiveness of features as being like Microsoft WordPad versus Microsoft Word.


              Virtualdub, which is mentioned in the thread you cited, is sooooooooo loaded with features and options that it blew my mind and I gave up on trying to use it for encoding and rotating/flipping.

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                Thanks everyone for your input. I've used VLC in the past, but SMplayer does the trick for me, and I like that it remembers the rotation & flip. :smileyhappy: