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    Cheapest plan


      Hi Everyone,


      I have finally convinced my husband to get a cell phone. He has agreed but with many restrictions. One of which is that he will only use the phone when absolutely necessary.  I am wondering which route would be the cheapest. Should we add him to our family plan, start up his own account or get him on the simplest prepaid plan?


      Thank you, in advance, for your assistance,





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          Adding him to the FamilyShare plan will only cost $9.99 a month and you can split the minutes with him.  Since he isnt using that many, you could probably get away with not upping your minute allotment either.  Plus, he would receive all the same benefits as the plan you're currently on now.


          The cheapest individual plan is I think 34.99 (or maybe 39.99?) for 450 minutes.  With prepaid, you are charged like 3.99 each day you access the network plus minutes... so FamilyShare would probably be cheapest in the long run.

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            Agreed. Adding him to the existing family share plan would be your most cost effective option, especially if he's not going to be a frequent user. The $9.99 charge is minimal compared to getting him his own plan; the cheapest single line plan is $39.99 for 450min and is not very cost effective if he's going to use the phone sparingly.
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              I agree that the $9.99 route of adding him to the family share is the best way.   However, there is an even cheaper way if you're a long term member . . . you can ask for the $20 Loyalty Plan.    I had it for over a year and it worked fine.   They don't advertise the Loyalty Plans . . . you have to ask about them.   Still, the cheapest is to just add him to the family plan :smileyhappy:




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                Thanks, everyone. I activated the phone yesterday and added my husband to our Family Share plan. I appreciate everyone's help.