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    What is this number 0032665161



      This number is on my bill 0032665161 under the txt messages.  The first numbers always stay the same and the last two are always different!

      Someone mentioned that this could be facebook messages?  Any Ideas????

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          I have the same problem, thought I would ask you, i get  info on my call records  for a number that is always 9999999999, different times of day, the origination is sometimes 001, 0059 , 003 etc.  Verizon cannot help, they "thought" it might be someone calling with a calling card.  Someone else thought it was restricted, but when I get restricted calls, from my doctor, for instance, it actually reads out restricted on the itemized calls. Any thoughts?  I would appreciate any help.
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            If it was Facebook you should know by the message. But looking at the number I believe it is.

            Last night my brother commented my wall (he wants my old cell) and the number the text alert came from is 32665111. Message read "User has commented on your wall: Users message blah blah blah...

            When you update your status through texts, you send a message to 32665 which is Facebooks short code. As long as your mobile settings are set, your status is updated for your profile.




            Edit update: Forgot I had my old phone in my purse.

            Additional FB messages from last week are on there. All came from the following codes:


            32665106 (a few times as it was from the same friend commenting on a few of my photos)




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