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    Broken iPhone. Verizon will not replace defective unit


      Hello -


      First post here in an attempt to get some advice. I recieved my preorder iPhone 4 Monday morning, and during activation, the phone blacked out, and iTunes said the firmware was corrupt and I needed to restore it. Okay, fair enough, I've had this problem before with apple devices. Tried to download the firmware from iTunes, but I continued getting "Error 28" and the phone would not restore the firmware. Tried it on 4 more different computers, and yielded the same result. after troubleshooting with Apple for 2 hours, they informed me there was an internal hardware problem, and the device would need to be replaced, but because I recieved the phone pre-order from Verizon, it would need to be replaced by them.


      After calling 4x per day starting Monday (phone was defective right out of the box when I recieved it) and speaking to different people, I can't seem to get anyone to send me a replacement device. First, I had to wait a day, then I had to go to a store, then wait another 2 days, and this morning (2/10) I was told they still couldnt' process it, nor could I go to the store to exchange it, as the stock wasn't "full". I understand it's a new device, but no one seems to care I recieved a device that doesn't work properly, and I keep getting the run around from person to person. I was under the impression that after being a loyal customer with a $400/ month bill that I'd be treated better and an issue like this would be immediately addressed, however I'm disapointed to learn that is not the case.


      I think the customer service I've recieved in this situation is absolutely unacceptable, and I will likely not be renewing my contact with the company based on this experience. The fact that I've been made to wait AFTER launch, and likely will not have my replacement device until next week (if not later), after waking up at 3am and paying $700 is not only insulting, but  outrageous.


      What does everyone think?



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