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    Ordered Iphone but no confirmation email


      I ordered the iphone last night on my business account around 2:20. It took me a while to get it to work for the business account as I had been trying soon as they started taking orders. I finally got it to work, placed the order, but never got a confirmation email to my personal email or to my work email. I thought maybe that the order didn't work, so I went to my account and my orders and the iphone order showed up. I clicked it and it just said N/A beside status, shipping, and tracking number. Underneath it said "due to the increase in demand for this product, etc.." Well I go to bed thinking I'll have an email when I wake up confirming the order and giving me a shipping number. Never got it. I go back to the site, check my order number, and the part in quotes at the bottom is no longer there and under status, it says completed but still has a N/A by everything else. 


      Can anyone let me know if they had this same problem? 


      Thanks in advance.