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    Replacement phone


      I recently received a replacement phone in the mail from Verizon due to a system glitch in my old (yet still new) droid. My problem is that my new phone isn't recognizing the vodafone card, and I don't have service to make calls.

      Am I missing a critical step that involves reativating my phone, or am I just not placing the card in correctly (looks like it lines up as before...)? They told me at Verizon that I just needed to make sure to transfer everything into the new phone, but maybe I just to take it back in?


      Any suggestions appreciated!

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          Have you activated your replacement device?  As you mentioned, when you receive a replacement device, you will need to remove the battery from your "current" device, (that was not working), and put it onto the replacement phone.  Please follow the instructions below while on the Verizon Wireless network and receiving a digital signal- to complete the activation:


          1. Power on your Verizon Wireless phone.

          2. Dial *228 followed by the "Send" key.

          3. When prompted, press option "1" program your handset.


          Within two minutes, a voice recording will advise you that programming is complete.  Remain on the line, as the call will disconnect automatically.  At this point, your replacement phone will be activated and you will be able to make calls and use your device successfully.


          If you still cannot activate/ program your replacement device, please send me a Private Message with your 10-digit mobile number, along with an alternate contact number so I can call you and walk you through this process.  (If you can also please include the best time to reach you.)


          Thank you,