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    Can I just buy a sim card?


      I'm about to buy a LG VL600 4G from a local seller for my mobile broadband.


      The problem is the seller does not have the SIM card with it.


      Can I just walk into a Verizon and buy the SIM card?  If so, how much?

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          We do not provide SIM cards for equipment purchased from a third-party vendor. If you purchase the device from Verizon Wireless, the SIM card is included at no additional cost. 





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            That is a totally disgusting and inexcusable policy for Verizon to implement and I do hope the previous post was in error. It seems to me that if I provide my own VZW-compatible 4G device that I should have the option to order service sans contract for it and have said SIM card provided by VZW. That is the way things are done on GSM networks, and I'm ****** if I'll be obligated to buy a 4G device from Verizon at god-knows-what inflated prices as my only option for 4G service  if I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

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              This can' t be correct RoyB_VZW.


              I just recently activated a Nexus purchased from a third-party on my active phone line (Thunderbolt). I walked into a corporate store and asked for a new 4G LTE SIM card since the Nexus has a different sized SIM. I was not charged for the card and the store rep were happy to help me. The rep activated both the SIM and the phone in store.


              As 4G LTE devices are more in the field, more people will be able to purchase them from thurd parties and will need to start a new service and will require a new SIM card in the process.


              It should work similar as if a person tried to activate the device throught their online My Verizon account. There is a page in the activation process that asks you if a new SIM card is needed and Verizon will mail one out to the customer.


              I was to impatient to wait for the mailing of a new SIM card so I didn't complete the activation of the Nexus online and went to a store instead.

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                Ugh! Another old thread that has brought to the present. Please users read the dates of the threads before replying to them.

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                  RoyB's response was nearly a year ago.  Maybe the policy has changed since then?

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                    I saw that after I had already responded. I will need to take my own advice and read the dates of a post before responding.



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                      Yeah, I see we answered the same thing at almost the same time.  Hopefully natef99 will realize that he/she was reacting to info that was 350 days old.

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                        And now it looks like the post by natef99 has been deleted.


                        (The new community is throwing us a curve ball today.)

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                          Joe L

                          Thank you to the community for your replies.


                          Ann154 is absolutely correct.


                          If you need a new sim card, we can mail you one. You can also go to your local Verizon Wireless store if you need an immediate replacement. Here's a link to our store locator: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/storelocator/index.jsp


                          Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


                          Thank you


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