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    Mobile hot spot usage WARNING - huge charges


      I just received my bill and out of the blue received a $170 overage on my data usage. The bill showed I had a 3 GB overage @ .05 per MB on my data plan. I had NEVER had an overages before ( 5 GB per month), so I thought this was a mistake, but apparently NOT.

      I am still not sure HOW I used this much data but apparently Verizon feels someone connected to my phones hot spot and used the bandwidth.


      After a LENGTHY discussion with several Verizon support personnel I was told that the I could upgrade from 5 GB to 10 GB monthly usage for $30.00, which seemed to be better than paying the HUGH overage charge rate, but when I attempted to add that to my plan  I found that was NOT true. 5 GB is all you can get.


      I was then told I should set up an alert at My Verizon to let me know when I reach 90% of my usage, to help avoid this from happening in the future. I spend 30 minutes hunting through every menu in My Verizon but without success., so I again contacted support only to find that only Verizon set and set up those alerts and they verified I did have alert set for my data plan.

      HOWEVER, when I talked to tech support , to help me identify WHY the usage was so high, they indicated that the DATA alert did NOT cover the Mobile hot spot usage, so the feature WOULD NOT alert me if  the Mobile hot spot usage limit was reached.



      SO, lesson learned here are:


      - The overages changes for the mobile HOT SPOT are EXTREMELY expensive.

      - You CAN NOT increase you plan limit to avoid the HIGH charges.

      - You CAN NOT set up alerts to let you know if you are approaching the 5 GB limit.


      - and finally, even though the Verizon support folks are friendly and helpful most  DO NOT understand the difference between data and mobile hot spot usage.


      Monitor this usage  very carefully or you will get a Hugh bill,  as I did.

      I guess this is going to  make a lot of money for Verizon!



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          If you are using the hotspot out in public, or even close to a street inside a house, many will look for open connections. I am certain there are locks you can put on the hotspot such as a password and such.


          And yes the $80/10Gb plan is for 4G USB or MiFi units.

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            I know this is a little late, but I work for Verizon as a csr. We are taught that you should automatically receive alerts, at 50% 70% 90% and 100%. It should also come with a WAP-PSK2 lock on It, which would default to the phone number assigned to It. Now this policy could change at any time, since It seems to occur often, but as to this moment those are the standards

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              Is there a way to monitor mobile hotspot data usage independant of the other data?


              I cannot find this functionality on-line.

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                Good morning.


                When you view your current usage via My Verizon, you will be able to view your [Anytime Minutes Used], [Text Messages Used], [Domestic Data Used], and [Domestic Mobile Broadband Connect Data Used].  The Domestic Mobile Broadband Connect Data Used is the Mobile Hotspot data usage.  


                I hope this information is helpful. 


                Thank you,



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                  I hate verizon wireless.....They do not show the right bills and bill for things that are not on the plan or even used.  the customer support sux.  $700 a month bills when it should be $220.  It's not right.

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                    scottn4444 wrote:

                    I hate verizon wireless.....They do not show the right bills and bill for things that are not on the plan or even used.  the customer support sux.  $700 a month bills when it should be $220.  It's not right.

                    How did a $220 bill become $700?? What did they charge for that they shouldn't??


                    Details details details.  I just found another post from you showing some detail.

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                      Verizon sucks. They are robbing people blind with these these "caps" on data usage, especially on mifi mobile hotspots. We have a mifi jetpack in our home to try it out, and as we live in the country our only other option at the moment are a few different satellite internet companies. Verizon puts a 10GB cap on data usage and we struggle every month to stay within those confines. we have to monitor the data usage constantly and having verizon service has caused nothing but more stress in the household. Having the internet in your home should be easy, convenient, and stress free and nobody should have to worry about how much "data" they are using. Its lame. We have a household of 4 and after our first month, not realizing how little 10GB is, and not realizing there was no warning system in place to let us know when we're getting close to the data limit (as there should be! and since there is not, its obvious verizon wants people to go over so they can rob your bank accounts), we went over out limit by a considerable amount. An 80$$ dollar bill,(which, by the way is already outrageously expensive for internet service with such rigid limitations and overall isn't that great or worth that much), turned into around 600$$ to 700$$ dollars! after hours on the phone we were able to get 200 bucks credited back which is better than nothing but they made us work for that. Our time on the phone alone was worth 200 dollars. the kind of cash we have already spent on verizon mifi hotspot internet service should cover us for the better part of a year. over a 1000$$, we are only 3-4 months in. what a waste! Waste of time, energy, resources, my life! the amount of time Ive spent on the phone with verizon already is unbelievable, and there is no excuse for this kind of service. the amount of time spent on this website, monitoring our friggin' data is a full time job, We have lives! we can't do this. Verizon needs to offer better plans, higher data caps, higher download speed caps, better everything. Robbing people. Blind. Unless Verizon can offer us a miracle of a plan in the next couple days, we are out. canceling and going with a company that will accommodate us better.. can you tell Im fed up.?? I am    700 dollars for 1 !! month of internet service. ***! Un-freakin-believable.  nowhere in the world do people pay this much for internet. 10 dollars per GB !! and I know. after reading other people's complaints about the exact same issue all over the internet that some companies have even worse plans, if you can believe that. but I don't consider myself lucky.. K thats all.. have fun with this 10 gb ****.. peace

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                        Not to mention Verizon is asking its workers for givebacks amounting to as much as $20,000 each, while tripling the compensation of the CEO  from $7.2 million to $23.1 million. It would be almost impossible to find a better example or corporate greed than Verizon. I would back out in a second if there wasn't a cancellation fee. I refuse to give these people more money.

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                          Bro Im just now goin thru the same thing... So ur tellin me theres no way to set up the mobile hotspot alert? u just gta watch it ?

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