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    Backing up contacts


      Can any one tell me how to back up my contacts that are on my phone to the back up assistant online?  It gives me the option to sync online data with phone but not phone to online.  Any ideas????

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          Are you sure you are reading that right? Backup Assistant's purpose is to upload your phone's contacts for, well, back up. 


          If you use Gmail for your contacts, you can set Gmail to keep your contacts synced and backed up. And it does a MUCH better job of doing so and without pestering you about it.


          Geri O

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            have you setup backup assistant?

            it works in the background by the time period you choose in the setup and works great.

            i don't use gmail.

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              I apologize for any inconvenience surrounding your backup assistance with your new device.  Have you downloaded the Backup Assistant application onto your new phone?  If not, you will need to do this first.  Once it is set up, you can "run" and "Backup" and your contacts will be transferred over. 


              The online option to sync is if the application is already on your phone, you make changes to your contact list online, and then you want it to be updated to your phone immediately- instead of the "scheduled backup time".  Below I have provided you with the steps to download the Backup Assistant on the Droid X.


              From the main screen:



              • Tap "Menu"
              • Tap "Backup Assistant"
              • Tap "Agree"
              • Enter "PIN"
              • Follow the steps to run the application and Backup Contacts.
              If you still cannot transfer your contacts, please send me a Private Message with your 10-digit mobile number, callback number, best time to reach you, and I will be happy to assist you. 
              Thank you,


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                backup assistant is preloaded isn't it? i used it when i was setting up the 1st time.

                fwiw: my phone pin is different than my myverizon pin.
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                  You are correct. Backup Assistant is already pre-loaded on your device. When you first power on the handset, your handset will either ask you to set-up a new account or to log in using your existing Verizon Backup Assist account pin. (You can skip this step and come back to it later using the My Accounts application or the Backup Assistant application directly). 

                  For existing accounts:  Simply enter your Verizon Backup Assist pin code to sync existing account contacts from another Verizon phone with your DROID XHandset will advise of successful login and begin to sync contacts to DROID X. It will announce when sync is completed. 


                  Backup Assist is a great application to use especially if you have existing information from other Verizon phones. With the DROID X application, you simply need to just complete the sign in process described above and the handset will sync contact information back and forth with Backup Assist automatically (you can manage Backup Assistant sync schedules).


                  Any contact you create using the handset gets saves as a "Phone" contact on the DROID X and will now be sync'd back to Verizon Back-up Assistant. You can access you call lists online with the Verizon Backup Assist utility for your computer we describe below.


                  You can use the online version of Backup Assist to import contact files (CSV) from other programs so that your phone can easily have the most complete phonebook between all your devices.


                  Clicking on Backup Assistant online will forward you to the online help page. Visit the Verizon Wireless' Backup Assist FAQ for detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures to help guide you through the process of obtaining and using the application on your computer.


                  I have also provided the link to Verizon help center for copy of Verizon Backup Assist manual.





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                    if i change something in myverizon/contacts and do a sync it can take up to 30 min before i see a message on the pc that the sync is complete. why does it take so long?
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                      ccidentally deleted my daughters contact info on my droid x and would like to know how I can retrieve all of her contact info from Back Up Assistant? I also don't want to loose any contacts I've added to my phone since my last sync with back up assistant.

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                        Was your daughter's contact information saved under a different number? If so, she should be able to view the contacts, by logging into that number on verizonwireless.com/backupassistant.



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                          I have my contacts backed up using the backup assistant and I am getting ready to swap out my Droid for another device.  Will I be able to export the contacts to any device on Verizon wireless network? I have exported them to a csv just in case I have to enter them all again but if I don't have to do that, it's preferable!

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