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    iPhone on family plan


      I want to order the iPhone tomorrow. I could have ordered it last week but I didn't think I was ready for an upgrade so I was dumb and didn't check only to find out that I can upgrade. So now I have to do it tomorrow at 3 am. 


      But is there going to be an option to where I it will recognize that I'm on a family plan? My line is only $9.99 so I don't want to mess up my mom's bill. 


      Also, am I reading the site right where I'm supposed to go through Apple to order? I signed up for e-mail updates and got the initial one saying they'd send me me info and haven't heard anything since. 

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          Are you currently using a smartphone with a data plan?  The data plan for the iPhone costs $30 a month, in addition to just having the line.

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            Yeah I have everything already that's required. I pay the $30 a month and I called Verizon yesterday just be positive there wouldn't be any surprises there. But I know that a regular plan starts at like $40 to talk but mine is just $9.99 since I'm on an additional line on a family plan. I just don't know what the system will look like when I order and I don't want to choose some option that increases the bill 

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              you have to be logged in as the account owner, or account manager.

              if you dont have account manager rights, then you will have to use a line that does.

              dont forget any texting plan you may want

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                Yeah I have all of the manager rights and the passwords and social security number so that won't be a problem I just wanted to make sure it was going to recognize my current plan. I planned on just choosing the 250 text option plus the family because I mainly text the people on my friends and family. So I think choosing that will decrease the bill.