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        Try syncing your email account thru iTunes.  That worked for me for wowway.com


          I can't even figure out how to do that!


          This might be the death of me!


          Thanks for your suggestion!


            I have an ipod touch and an ipad. I had to set it up with my gmail account. I have all of my charter e-mail forwarded to my gmail account. That is the only way I could get it to work. I haven't had any problems doing that way.

            meg42484 wrote:

            Is there anyone that can help me set up my Iphone with my charter.net email.


            I can not figure it out!


            Or is anyone else having a problem with it?


            One time I did get it to where I could receive emails, I just could not send them.


            Any help would be great!! 

            THANK YOU!!


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              I need help too!  I have an iPod Touch (1G) and the Charter email works great on that.  The Charter instructions did not help set it up on the iPhone4.  The Gmail option sounds cool but I only want to use that as a last resort.  Also, in case no one has other suggestions, should I call Charter or Verizon?  Or Apple?  PLEASE HELP! ! !  


              Btw - my old iPod Touch used Charter as a POP server because no IMAP was available when I set it up.  I'd like to use the IMAP but I have tried setting it up as POP as well - just to see if that would work.  Unfortunately, it did not.

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                I am glad that I am not the only one having the problem!

                I have called Charter, Apple and Verizon!    I was on the phone with Verizon for 45 minutes this morning and they said they were going to talk to Charter and Apple and call me back. 


                Can you look on your itouch and see what the outgoing and incoming host names are for charter? 


                When I was talking to Verizon this morning they got it to where I could send email, just not receive any!!


                Like you I want to use the gmail idea as a last resort!

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                  My husband uses Time Warner and he has the same issue with his new iphone4. I use gmail and I don't have any problems. I went by Verizon to look at their accessories this morning and the sales guy told me that with the Droid phone they had the same issue and the only way around it was to set up  gmail and route the outgoing mail using that. When I googled roadrunner email and iphone I found a great forum that even included an email from Time Warner explaining that they use protected servers to prevent spam and unless you are on their servers it will block outgoing mail. My husband can get mail, but not receive it also. We are going to set up gmail for him and route his roadrunner mail through gmail. It seems that works with this issue. Good luck. Enjoy your phone.

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                    --->  I apologize for getting so wordy below!


                    Thank you for the VERY quick responses!  :smileyhappy:  Now guess what - I synced my Charter account (which I had not done before since I want IMAP) and it works on iPhone4.  I am able to send and receive.  The following are the settings I am using:


                    Incoming Mail Server:

                      Host Name:  pop.charter.net

                      User name:  xxxxxx@charter.net 

                      Password:  xxxxxxxx


                    Outgoing Mail Server:

                      SMTP:  No Server...>

                        Primary Server:  Not Configured...  Off>

                        Other SMTP Servers:  Add Server...



                      Deleted Messages:

                        Remove...  After one week>

                      Incoming Settings

                        Use SSL...  OFF

                        Authentication:  Password>

                        Delete from server...  Never>

                        Server Port...  110


                    I can't explain how it works when no outgoing server is configured, but it does.  Send AND receive.  I know that some of the settings, like SSL being set to OFF, are wrong (according to Charter's instructions) but it DOES work for me.  But once I got it up, I remembered why I want IMAP:  I had to go through and delete the received emails which the phone had not before encountered because they were still on the POP server.  Without going into more (since I barely understand it myself), using IMAP is better.  I only have to deal with emails once.


                    I'm going to try to set up the IMAP account using the working POP account settings as a starting point.  If I am successful then I will post how I did it.  In case I still can't, I hope that someone will.  And post how they did it here.  PLEASE!  :smileyhappy:

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                      Im having the same issue. At one point it was working...i dunno how...but it was working. I tried having no server somehow but it wouldnt let me. Help :smileysad:

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