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    So, instructions on how to change MEID for iPhone?


      Verizon reps have all been saying this when asked about how to activate the iPhone to another line.


      "At this time the Buddy Upgrade will not be allowed. At launch, the iconic portal, which is processing all of the orders, will not support buddy upgrades. This functionality will come at a later date, and it will be communicated when it becomes available. At launch, however, customers will have to process the upgrade on the eligible line on the account and manually change the MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) over to the MDN (Mobile Directory Number) on which they want the device. Detailed step-by-step instructions, available in both POD (Print On-Demand) and EOD (Email On-Demand) will be available closer to launch."


      Since many of us will be getting the phones on Monday, how about releasing those instructions?

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