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    how to activate iphone 4


      its either going to be completely through itunes, or set up and sync info through itunes and dial *228 to activate the new iphone and deactivate the old phone, if anyone gets theirs and has a positive answer, much is appreciated

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          It's through itunes. I don't remember where in this forum I read it, but I believe someone posted a link confirming this.

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            Like the first iphone you plug it into itunes to activate it.There's no *228 for the iphone.Turn your old phone off then plug the iphone into intunes register the phone and it will activate.

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              What do you do though if you need to activate it under a different number than you ordered it under, if you can't do a *228? 


              I know everything has to go completely thorugh iTunes.  However, you have to first activate the iPhone under the line that you purhcased it under (assuming you did it for the 2 year pricing), or you at least have to agree to the terms and conditions of the 2 year contract still, and then you can move it to the line you want it to.  However, if plug it into iTunes immediately to activate it, how do you get it to the other number then?

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                Just talked to Verizon Wireless Tech Support - finally someone who was helpful and knew what was going on!  And, for the record, *228 DOES/WILL WORK with the iPhone.  Here are the steps we need to take to activate the phone on another number than it was ordered under:


                (1) Once you receive the iPhone, you must connect it to iTunes, in order to accept the terms and conditions of the 2 year agreement which the phone was initially orderd on.


                (2) After that, you can remove the phone from iTunes, and do the *228 to activate the phone under whatever number you want it to be activated under.  According to the tech support rep, just accepting the terms and conditions of the 2 year agreement WILL NOT remove whatever phone you have on the line that you purchased it under.  I really don't know if I believe that.....and, if it does, all you need to do is then take the phone that was initially on the other line and do a *228 in order to put it back on.

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                  No one actually knows people have been told this and that just wait until monday when you get your phone i believe you will do *228 to get it on to verizons network and use itunes to sync media but we wont know until we get our phones. these discussions are pointless 

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                    I received my iPhone today and like mamarro say you need to plug it to itunes first to accept apple terms

                    and after that unplug the phone and dial *228 to activate it

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                      There definitely IS a *228 for iPhone 4.  After you activate it online through the website you would call *228 to program your phone.  At least this is true for me.   I had a different phone number issued to me through the iPhone 4 so I had to program it to read my correct number and *228 option 1 is how you do that.  You don't need to sit on the phone with verizon for hours as people here have done.  Just go to websitw and click activate phone link.

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                        Do I need to transfer my contacts and pictures before I activate my iphone? Also is there a way to transfer the ringtones that I already have?

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                          As far as ringtones are concerned, the iPhone supports only be in one of these two formats:


                          mono 32bit 32khz .mp3
                          mono 16bit 16khz .mp3
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