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    Unable to Retrieve Text Messages


      I have an HTC Imagio. My text inbox shows I have 3 unread messages.  However, when I go to messaging, it shows No Messages. How can I see what the unread messages are that are just sitting there? I tried to delete everything, but when I get a new txt message sent to me, those 3 ghost messages re-appear in my inbox.  This is driving me crazy that my phone is telling me there are 3 txt messages in the inbox, but I cannot see them.  Any suggestions on how to either retreive them or permanantly delete this from appearing?

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          I've had this same issue come up with my Droid X, and eventually, I just had to Factory Reset and then had tech support clear out all text messages.  Finally they were gone.


          What I learned?  I learned when I get a "message not sent" notification, go to the notification.  Click the note and let it take me to the message.  By letting the system go through the motions to "resend message", I've been able to keep this issue from happening, ever again, it's been about a month since this happened.  Now if the message still won't go through a second time, I'll delete the message and move along.