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    Picture Messages (MMS) won't send?


      In early November I switched from my EnV Touch to a Blackberry Curve 3300 I got off Ebay. Once I got that my MMS messages wouldn't send (yes the curve was compatible) but I was okay with it, since I could send through email, no biggie. I just figured it was a glitch. Anyways my BlackBerry stopped working, so I had to switch back to my EnV Touch. The MMS still doesn't work :/ On my end it says "service not activated on network" and on other peoples ends it says "Invaild destination". Why is this? My data can't be blocked, I have the $30 internet package, and access the internet fine. Texts go through fine also. Any ideas on why this is happening, and more importantly how to fix this?

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          Call customer service - they can check the provisioning on your account and get it in sync with you r plan. When you activated the BB, something got missed, and didn't get resolved.

          Then you switched back to the Touch, and the original issue was still not resolved...so call CS and get it fixed...If you are paying for the unlimited texting, it includes picture messaging and should be on the account.

          Call 800-922-0204 and it should be a quick, simple fix.