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    Buying a VZW iPhone today WITHOUT an upgrade? Dont buy it from VZW!


      Yup imagine my surprise when I was told numerous times the only place to preorder this phone was from VZW website (even still on their on hold message this moring when you call in) only to find that teh !%#%@#%@ phone I woke up at 2:50 AM to order is $50 CHEAPER at APPLE with free shipping also! UNREAL! Also my order is slated to SHIP on the 10th. {word filter avoidance} was the point in pre ordering to get it AFTER everyone else !?


      I'm LIVID. I've waited FOUR YEARS for this phone just paid ~$800 for it and the guy I talked to at VZW customer service (while VERY nice) didnt seem to really care that not only I got shafted for $50 but also not getting it early.



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